Weights of items

I see nothing on the inconsistency in materials versus product weight.
Take the Rawhide Bedroll for example. 3 Hide = 0.39 weight, turn them into a Rawhide Bedroll and suddenly it’s 2.0. Where did the extra mass come from?

I do see many complaints on explosives. I think the problem isn’t with their incredible power but more that someone can fill their inventory with them making any defense useless.It’s just not feasible to make your base hundreds of foundations thick, or so many pets/thralls thus increasing latency.

A finer PvP control panel would also be welcomed. If you raid a base and kill the owner or clan leader you get a key (x amount of time) to open their loot boxes and pilfer their tables, furnaces, presses, traps, …). Clan size can be limited but shoot, 3 players can do a lot of damage in 8 hours while you’re asleep or at work/school.

Then again you can just rent a server and run it yourself. Play PvE or PvE-C and never mind the PvP nonsense that exists in every game that has it.


The issue isnt the bombs, I’ve played official server pvp since release on ps4. The issue is spears pvp should be who is the better player not who can run around like a baby with 50 strength and attack u once every 5 min. Reduce the pen and strength bonus spears get and make pvp great again. When I started playing ppl used to square up in there best gear and fight now I have to chase ppl down for 20 min cuz they run around with spears. Also it takes 3-4 bombs per door, 5 per gate, and 10+ per foundation build better bases lol.

I take it that the issue is as big as your fine observation, the inconsistency. The breakpoint of pacing is probably too close to survival becoming obsolete too fast. Then again how would tweaking it affect how gorgeous the buildings look? What about the Borg cubes? Would there be enough time to build such structures like actual castles and the like or would we need to tweak that at the server settings.

Weight plays a role in why spears are meta. You can do full power attack combo with Flawless Serpent-man War Spear and it will cost you 10-15% of your stamina bar. I think weapon weight directly influences the stamina cost, and weapons are not consistently balanced in this game with weight in mind.

But overall I agree with you, pvp meta needs refreshment.

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