Weird display flash when using radial menu.. Is this normal?

Hey guys… We finally picked this up with the humble deal, but I’m seeing an odd issue and I don’t know if it’s a common bug, or if something is set up oddly in settings.

When I pull up the radial menu, I see a color flash, as if all the screen colors are going neon, a quick black screen like the TV is loosing and then regaining the signal, and then I see the radial for selections.

This apk takes place in a split second, and it doesn’t hamper playability, it’s just a bit annoying.

I have everything set on ultra, and an getting great frame rates. (gtx 1060 3 gb)

Is there a settings option to eliminate this, and is it a long standing known issue, or something very unusual?

Thanks for any assistance in clearing this up.

On, I do have a clue why this is happening. If I run full 4k, it doesn’t occur, but framerate sucks. In running the game at 1080p, and it’s like the game wants to display the overlay at 4k, but it’s scaling it… Like it’s not respecting the resolution selected properly.

Is far better to run it at 1080p with the radial glitches than the 4k slideshow though.