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Has anyone else noticed that on the internet server selection screen entering information into a search block remembers what you type?

I have two servers I am admin on. I enter the first servers name in the online server and it comes up. When I select the text and attempt to type over it with the second servers name; each key stroke brings up a letter in the first servers name even though I am typing the second servers name. That is way creepy. I noticed the search fields inside the game also seems to be caching what I am typing and in boxes like the inventory search.

Not sure if I want to grant myself admin right inside the game now.

why? u accidentally typed ur iban? or ur bank accounts passwords? xd? any autofill form text input would do that (even a simple excell)…

I actually caught this on a live stream today, I will make a clip of it and post it here so people can see what the OP means.

In essence it was this, I type the server number for a regular viewer to see what the status was, as he was at work, so I type #1509 and hit search. All good he saw it so I type the server I’m currently playing, #1513 but this didn’t type, instead it keep typing #1509 over and over. I even said it on stream. I’ll post the clip after work tomorrow.

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