Weird german translation for the "sand reaper" enemie

Game mode: all
Problem: [Misc]
Region: everywhere

You probably all knw the sand reaper enemy, The big insect monsters that spit acid. I play the german version of the game, and the german name for the enemy is “Sandechse”. The thing is, “Echse” means “lizard” in english. So in the german version of the game they are pretty much called “sand lizard”, and well, they are clearly not lizards :slight_smile:
It kinda reached a point where my friends and me always make fun of them when they attack, like “watch out there come the lizards, which are clearly lizards and defenitely not bugs xD”.
Seems to be a small translation error there. Would be cool if you would might change their name in the german version in a future update.
I would suggest “Sandschnitter” or “Sandschrecke” for the german version :slight_smile:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. lounch the german version of the game
  2. look at a sand reaper or any item thats connected to them (like the poison)
  3. pick up a translation book and look up what “Echse” means in english.

Hello @Stumack, good catch!

We’ll forward this information to our team for further consideration.

There are some points in the game where they are called “Sandräuber” wich is a perfectly fine translation, it’s just not consistent throughout the game.

Didnt found the “Sandräuber” now, but yeah, good translation. If that gets consistant it would be fine too :slight_smile:

Hahahahahaha! I love it!

We have sand lizards out my way:

A distant relative of the reaper perhaps? They won’t spit venom at you but don’t stand on them without shoes on.

Thanks for sharing Stumack, i’ll be calling them sand lizards from now on :smile:

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I think Sandschrecke is the best option, although less fear invoking as reaper… lol

Maybe Sandbeißer or Sandreißer would work too?

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