Weird stuff going on since update

Anyone having issues with randomly being reset randomly in the game? I was leveling, got killed, I was level 57, then I spawned on the other side of the map, went from level 57 down to level 32, missing the obelisks I had gotten along the way, etc.

I finally got leveled all the way and I was using a campfire. I made sure the fuel it was using to burn was the coal I had put in. I put a half stack of fiber and some seeds. The server kind of hung (I couldn’t back out of the campfire) and the fiber went from a half stack down to one right in front of me. No it was not in my inventory, no I didn’t drop it, no the fire didn’t consume it. It was just…gone. This behavior progressed throughout the night.

It seriously had me thinking I was losing my mind so I logged off. :joy: Came back later, still weird stuff like a thrall I placed on a wheel is poof gone, like I had never put it there, (it didn’t get stolen, I was the only one online) so I just gave up for the time being.

Anyone having this issue or heard of this before?

Ive had weirdness in crafting tables like the campfire or gibbet, where the station in question consumes the materials and creates the end product in an instant you click play. That bug is somewhat old, but you having your levels reset is nothing Ive heard of before.

Ive once before had myself spawn seemingly randomly inside a dungeon entrance upon dying instead of my bed or bedroll like I shouldve (I wasnt inside dungeon but in open world). This has only happened once during my 2270 hours of play.

Yeah the dungeon thing and the auto craft that randomly happens I’m used to but the level reset was some bs. :sob::joy:

I’ve lost levels on death once but it was on a private server that had not been restarted in a few days. After the owner set it to restart every day I had no more issues there. This was a month or so before the last patch btw.

This is on an official server. :disappointed:

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