Welcome to Conan Exiles TTF [PVE]: EU | PC | New | EL & IoS | Events | Casual | No wipes :)


Hi, and welcome to Conan Exiled Lands and Isles of Siptah TTF [PVE] :relaxed:
If you’re looking for a new, mature, friendly and laid back gaming style this is the place for you. The admins are experienced and originate from an old gaming community (ARKNordic).

We arrange events, have our own POIs such as a marketplace on both maps. More POIs will be added to the maps in the near future.

So, if you want to be part of starting a new fresh community you’re more than welcome to join us - regardless if you’re a new or old player. At the moment we have seven ‘old’ gamers :wink:
We ask that you read the rules and info before you start playing.

Homepage: www.arknordic.se
Discord: discord.gg/Z35dH8AXne
Events are arranged from time to time
Admins: Active & experienced
Rules: See website & discord
Platform: PC
Game mode: PVE
Admins: Lupam & Makhfi

Harvest x2
XP x1.5
Resource respawn x2
Items are kept on death

Immerse RP : Buildings & placeables decor
Less building placement restrictions - v7.2.7
Unlocked Plus (with Pickup) v1.4.8
Northern Timber 2.3.3