Welcome to DARK HARVEST - PVE Conflict (PVP) Age 18+

Join us on Dark Harvest
Are you a relaxed player?, Do you love to immerse your self in your environment and build great fortress and citadels for your Clans? Do you like conflict with other players, yet don’t wont to loose your shirt while you do it?
We are an adult only server welcoming Pvp’rs PvE’rs, immersion builders and lite role playing. …We just switched from PVE to PVE-Conflict with PVP set at all times, however bodies are not lootable and your housing is safe from destruction. We have designated certain areas to be PVE only, so that you have a chance to level and gear up before you take on others.

To Join us you need to load the Pippi mod then the Age of Calamitous mod, and Greater Camera Distance in that order.
We have a community website and discord all are welcome As long as you are 18+ in age.

This is just one of the Creative immersive structures you will find while exploring exiles20180528195739_1
To see more check out Dark Harvest, or stop by our community website.

we have the new DLC on this Server and plan to get the next ones too.