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Join our new-ish, PVE, RP server, EDEN! We are looking for friendly, chill regulars, ones that will get along and perhaps build a community together. We have three admins, and 20 slots. Gathering and XP is boosted for ease and relaxed playing. No need for the grindy struggle. Roleplay is appreciated, but no one is going to be weird to you about doing it or not. We have a Discord server, as well, that you can join when/if you get on the server.
Hope to see you there!

Discord is https://discord.gg/kGXCtn

Sorry to everyone who replied! I haven’t been checking forums lately! Join the Discord first and the password comes immediately upon joining! Thank you for your patience!


What would be the discord link?


I played on this server for the last few weeks and really liked it, but now it’s password protected. I don’t have the discord link to ask for the password, so I feel like I’ve been locked out of all my work. Can you please send us the discord link?


Is this a pve or pvp server?


Discord info?


I posted the link in an edit, sorry for the time you waited!

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