Welcome to my outdoor restaurant, Chez Exiles, 3 etoiles Slaverin!

So happy they finally fixed killable thralls on PvE, so I can build this kind of outdoor stupidities XD

It does even have a pet! Which I hope doesnt end being the main dish XD

Maybe not amazing but I liked it hehe


I’d like to order something. But i doubt, that you offer some human flesh :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha no, no human meat! That was only when we began, as our chef was a darfari apprentice and we were low on supplies!

Now I have much better chefs which cook awesome recipes! If we find the ingredients, hehe.

Also I invite you to the opening of our new restaurant, in the Jungle, with some music and dancers! Too bad we forgot to place some tables, so you will have to eat while standing, a new, very modern way of eating in a restaurant xD

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nice place :slight_smile:
i learned a new recipe when i visited :smiley: