Welcome to the madhouse

Welcome to the madhouse.
I reported someone who was building in a tower without permission. I mean in a closed tower where you can’t get in. So we couldn’t build next door either. Well, the result was that me and my whole clan were banned for 14 days. We were told that with a temporary ban we can’t do anything except serve the time, they don’t discuss temporary bans even if we are innocent. Well, just now a friend of ours went to the server to check. What can I say, all of our buildings have been deleted. The one we reported is still sitting in the tower structure, he hasn’t been banned and his base hasn’t been deleted either. That is completely insane or incompetent! :upside_down_face:

Permission? Please explain.

Like a permanent structure? Which one? Was it blocking a POI or passage?

Why would you want to build next to someone? Were they spamming foundations?

This is true as per Terms of Conduct.

They don’t overturn suspensions for any reason. They will consider an appeal of a permanent ban.

We are instructed to submit a ticket via Zendesk and have been made to understand that we’ll receive an explanation. This has not been the case however - no explanations.

All this sounds like to me that you misunderstand the general idea of land claim, you wanted that spot or you’re pissed about something they did.

Also, sounds like either Funcom made an error or they didn’t and realized it was you that was in violation.

While this is my initial opinion based on your post so far, some answers to my questions would be helpful in determining the situation.


Meaning someone reported you before you reported them, and you’re angry that you got the hammer brought down first. If you don’t want reports to be weaponized, don’t try to exempt yourself from the same rules everyone must follow.


Or you haven’t read the rules and, as a result, have some weird ideas about how the servers are supposed to be moderated?


No, you have misunderstood. I’ll try to explain it more clearly.

Well, we wanted to build on “The Southern Aqueduct” (F7). Where the stairs lead to the top. Where the big snake is at the top of the stairs. When you’re standing in front of the stairs, there’s a little opening to the right of it where you can build a little hidden base. when we were building there, i noticed that the land was already claimed, but there was nothing there. so i walked the whole bridge, and there was nothing there. so i took the sledgehammer, went to build the foundation, and then walked it again. and that’s when i noticed that someone had built into the left tower. that is, into the structure of the game. the right tower, when you’re standing by the staircase, has no opening, it’s not accessible. it’s closed. and that’s where someone built his base. i don’t know how he slid in there.

i hope you understand better now? sorry for my bad english.

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This doesn’t explain why you were banned though. Clearly you did something, and deflecting doesn’t change that.

that’s the crazy thing. they banned us and deleted us even though we didn’t do anything. i’ve been playing the game since day two in the alpha and we’ve never done anything that violates the rules.

I even got an email thanking me and saying it was taken care of. yes i saw that, we were banned and the one we reported for the illegal stuff is still there…


Thanks for making the effort to clarify your post. The situation is a bit clearer now.

It sounds like you were reporting someone for undermeshing. When you created your report, did you provide enough evidence to prove that they were undermeshing? Screenshots and coordinates are necessary.

As for why your clan was admin-wiped and suspended, we can’t really know the answer to that. All of us here are just players and we can only help with our ideas and theories, but can’t really solve anything.

If you want to actually discuss why it might have happened and try to work it out, then you’ll have to post more details about your own buildings.

If, on the other hand, you just want to vent and complain, that’s pretty common here. Just make it clear and some of us will leave you to it, because there are better things we can do than argue about it :wink:

Just to help you set your expectations: Funcom community managers won’t reply to this thread other than to tell you to go to Zendesk and then proceed to close the topic.

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Thank you for explaining.

This a well known “hidden” spot that you absolutely can build in. They haven’t done anything wrong.

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