Welcome to the Mom

This is on my Dedicated server. We held an event last night with 2 teams racing to one side and fighting each other at the same time. Much carnage and fun was had. is our server.


Great, can we join your server and see how it looks online?

You absolutely can!

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she’s a real beaute :slight_smile:

On our server we’re toying with the idea of making a few games between the clans so far we’ve got;

Last Tower Standing
teams will build short towers nearish to one another and put a trebuchet on top of it, last man standing wins.

Using a maze/castle/arena one person wearing painted coarse clothing is the prey, the hunters must then either kill or knock the prey out.


Nice job coming up with ideas to add a different level of fun by you & TheJedi.

@TheJedi Awesome. Anyone find their way through?

we had 20 people ten on each side and it was a race to the middle and then ended with a battle in the middle.

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