Welcome to the waiting to join your server simulator

Congratulations in loading up your brand new waiting to play the game simulator where your clan can be prevented from playing simply by players never disconnecting from the server and afking to victory.

Have a dedicated connection? Perfect! Now just stay in game and dead repeatedly in one place to prevent anymore from threatening your supremacy on the server. What a joke. No built in queue system makes this worse in that steam Auto-Join is glitchy at best and many still get in ahead of you randomly. So welcome to the joining server roulette game where your progress in the server is price AND the reward!

Seriously though, please add a queuing system so the people who have been waiting the longest can play on their favorite server and if you are just squatting the server while you are sleeping (or whatever you are doing afk for hours) then the game should boot you from the server after a time.

Also one added note:

There is a seriously lack of no-ping limit servers to begin with so these fill up extremely fast as it is and now if you have a faster (but, bad ping connection) you are to top of the list most time due to the lack of in game server queuing system. I am not sure if you guys realize this or not but you are absolutely ruining the game experience after the last slap to the face to the players without perfect internet connections. Many are in the region listed on the server but are unable to connect due to people in other regions fulling the already very limited slots on the very limited amount of No-Ping Limit servers.


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