Welcome to your first tribe!

Are you feeling a bit outnumbered? Maybe you could use some additional pylons? How about just a friendly face to help gather recipes?

A brand-spankin’-new clan has formed under a 30-player PVPVE server.

PVP Raiding is enabled during these times:
7pm - 9pm eastern weekdays
11am - 11pm weekends

A bit of background :

I absolutely love survival games. I am looking forward to putting together a waffle house of players who enjoy building, con-questing and even the occasional role-play!

Things you can expect from this clan :

Thrall Arenas
Fortress Raids
100% Exploration
Protection from other Exiles!

For information on server please reach out on discord @ Shrey#9639 OR email @ mattwilk90@gmail . com

provide the following information :

Steam Tag
Time Zone

I’m looking forward to playing with you all! I am available weekends and after 6pm eastern on weekdays