Welded to the map location

This is driving me nuts…i have been dealing with this since joining conan and im at my wits end to fix it. Nearly every time i log in and try to move my guy takes a step and is pulled right back to the same spot. Its like rubberbanding save i cant make any progress…at least with rubber banding you do get some movement.

I used to go admin and teleport, that would fix it usually but lately even that dont work. I did a speedtest and checked my speed and im over the top on speed being cable. Today i logged in and ive relogged in 4 times and nothing fixes it.

Anyone have a hint on how i can fix it?


Ehe the classic alt-tab problem^^

My quick way to fix it is either roll on another floor type (the rubber banding stop after some time & you free to go) or if that don’t work just remove the bracelet.

I would also recomend to only alt-tab when safe at home^^

I’ve had this same issue for months now. Honestly, I don’t even know what alt+tab does, not sure if I’ve use it or not, but what I’ve gotten in the habit of doing is logging out right beside my bed/bedroll. If I’m stuck when I log in, the bracelet gets yanked. I wake up right beside my body. PITA but it’s a workaround

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It is not a workaround in Siptah and this is a huge problem! In Siptah the point is to play with sigils and enjoy their benefits. If I have to loose all my sigils every time I crush, bug, etc, what’s the point? The last time I managed to do a surge in official Siptah, I lost all my sigils and 2 thralls lvl 20 to farm 0 crafters :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I was crushing, log in dead but couldn’t move, remove my bracelet so I can spawn again and move, go collect my things and after 5 minutes crush again :man_shrugging:. Almost 2 hours for an empty from crafters surge because rng rules in Siptah!
@Kefrem what is your console fellow exile? I play on ps4!

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Oh man, that does suck. We play the EL map, but our server hands out Siptah sigils freely. I couldn’t imagine having to pull my bracelet and legitimately replacing those sigils every time. Sorry to hear.

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My console cannot perform on official servers anymore. I really hope they will find time to fix that, officials are my gaming life in this game. I enjoy the game in privates, but they are always twicked. For any tweak someone does an item loose value. More tweaks, more items loose value. So if items loose value, why exactly do we play the game? Rng is good when you obtain something rare! If this rare is on a twicked server, then you have no reason to go after it… I believe you get my point here.

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Very true, and I agree. But it’s up to the admin to make sure there are other item that are rare finds and such. Dilensias may be a dime a dozen on the private server, but that smoke demon pet isn’t :wink:

But to keep it on topic, I have been able to get out of the stuck position sometimes by either running in a very tight circle while moving the camera around, or rolling. Doesn’t work every time and is kind of random, but it’s worth a shot

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