Well done Funcom & the Conan Staff! Hackers Finally killed the last Popular Official Oce server

The crazy thing is that this isn’t even a rare occurrence. They’ll stream this stuff and invade every single official server every single time a big update rolls out or player counts increase at all - and every single time they successfully wipe the servers weeks before funcom gets involved.

I can’t even think of another game where people can repeatedly cheat and even livestream themselves doing it for weeks on end to the point where the servers are huffing fumes and down to 2 or 3 servers that can even get half full by raid hours - only to have the developers not act. It actually blows my mind. Funcom doesn’t care, there’s just no other way to explain it. There’s no reason for it to have been this bad for 4 straight years. Just read the reports, log in to see who’s cheating (or just check their livestreams…) and ban them. Delete their structures too instead of being lazy. Half the time when they ban someone they don’t even delete the bases, so their friends just keep using it.

It’s insane, honestly. Completely insane.


Funcom need to implement the same system as rust where the entire clan is banned for hacker association. It won’t stop them buying new accounts but at least they have to start all over.

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I get when people speadhack or mesh ot whatever but how can you be so sure that they dupe stuff?

Reports taking too long? How about making a report and after one month I get this reply and ticket closed:

"Greetings Exile,

We currently experience a high number of contacts from our community, and regret not having been able to do an in depth investigation on the issue you reported.

We hope it has already improved on its own. However, if this still impacts your experience on official servers, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding."

This was recent. They didn’t suspend the player, let alone check the report itself. They closed the ticket with no action taken. The reported player spammed lots of light sources in one place and got me playing in my base from 90fps to 25fps. Heavy griefing and claim blocked around my base.
I think they don’t want to ban players anymore. Who knows, maybe they changed their politics.
I went out of my way of actually playing the game, and spent time to make screenshots and write the ticket and they just ignore it and send me a standard message. I feel kind of disappointed.
Anyway, thought I’d share this. Was curious if anyone else got the same.


Thats so sad, I feel for all of you. I still cant imagine a mind of a guy/girl who after work/school comes home and for enjoyment buys hacks to destroy other poeple fun. I mean ommiting the moral aspect, how can they feel any satisfaction?Its not like it had anything to do with their skill in game.Its incompehensible to me, i guess different cultures.(I mean there are hackers/griefers in my area too but they arent that pervasive and common) .

Second thing is how funcom deals with it. Its also incompehensible to me. They did say in some press release CE is what gives them most cash. And it was not long ago , so I presume from DLCs and Isle of Siptah. IF they loose customers who will buy future DLCs? I mean it seems pretty simple or am i crazy.Also while hacking does occur in other games i had the experience with 2 online games for longer persiods: Eve Online ->Never heard of massive hacks there. Somehow the company handled it, and bielieve me , there were thousands of poeple very very invested into the game, you might say crazy, so i think if they could some of them would have used cheats or whtever they would find. Its true that China had its own server, and the rest of the wolrd played on a separate server.

Second was/is Stacraft 2. Its not mmorpg but its very competitive multiplayer. Again there are single instances of maybe somebody cheating, but there is not even obvious cheats so its hard to judge. Then again its true asia has its own server.

All in all its mind blowing, does Funcom want to go bancrupt …?

An idea here: maybe they got some metrics saying that most of the customers nowadays got private servers and dont care so much about offical ones?Its true im for example on a private server…

There was a post on here a few weeks ago where someone was complaining about just that. That they were banned because someone else in their clan broke the TOS.

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There’s no Maybe about it. Even I have those metrics. They’re not hard to get. Check Steam Stats on the store page, see the number total playing and divide that into the number playing on officials. You can get that from the server browser using a calculator.

Its currently ~12% play on official. Its been dropping steadily about 1-2% per 6 months since release. Even as the total number of players rises and falls, official populations have always gotten smaller.

IMO they spend way too much effort already on them. For example, they’ve got a whole process in 2.4 dedicated to horse balance. An issue that was solved by the other 88% of players on private servers.

Yeah but partly its remaining true to to your customers: the premise i think was alwys that there will be offical servers you play on. So i think its the honest thing to , to continue supporting it, even if i am playing alwys on private server.

Imho maybe the best solution would be to rent 4-6 fast reliable servers, and concentrate only on them, that they function right.Just go into quality over quantity, if atm the servers are mostly empty anyway.

I think the main issue is the feeling of helplessness that you get with funcom. We were fighting these hackers for over a week non stop. It all began when i got back to base , seen 2 guys outside , one looking out and the other actually in the water swimming around looting locked vaults. Luckily we had friends who had a maproom and their own vault outside base, they also had their stuff taken from the (locked) vault. I asked them to come check them because i noticed ours empty, and bang next second theirs is empty to. Then the speed hacks/Meshing/Some hack where they could damage you from a distance with melee attacks, So you would see this guy speed hack into base the archers would shoot him. He would run away , i would chase , he would be not even near me, and i see him begin attack, im taking huge damage not even being hit , i roll and die even though hes not hitting me physcially. Keep in mind you had players from multiple clans reporting these guys for over a week, including two 10 man clans reporting, who have now been both wiped. Its hard to raid these hackers when they ddoss the second you begin. Funcom has been completely useless. Honestly , i wish people would boycott this until they actually some semblance of the capacity to be able to deal with things.

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There is no way they arent. It’s one of them things you would have needed to know when the got there, how fast they progressed and what they had, ontop of that a guy gave us their chinese streaming link so we could see what they had. (like i said in another post , bit hard to raid them when they just take the server offline.)

I’ve suggested this in the past. A few agreed, most ignored however.

Having a 20,000 total server capacity for less than 2,000 total players was never a great idea. You could cut 90% of the servers (over 400 servers) and still have empty servers.

For the last 1-2 weeks us and another big clan have been fighting against the hackers, we would get about 20+ kits per fight spanning over an hour or 2. Once the hackers have had enough of losing they turn their hacks on and maybe kill 2-3 of us before we can escape and drop all of our gear off. Then throughout the rest of the night/ next day they would intentionally crash the server atleast 10-15 times a day. The next day they have the exact same gear again and lost another 20+ kits. This repeats every night for over 2 weeks. The whole time our clan and our allied clan were camping and looking for them farming yet we never saw any of them farm. It didnt help that when they first started hacking they literally went to every vault on the map and looted them with their hacks and cleaned out entire clans of their loot. Funcom should be able to see how many server restarts there have been on that 1 server alone, and how much it continuously get DDOSSED.

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I was about to say the same thing. It’s a great game, with unique mechanics, but it’s the worst managed online game I’ve ever seen.

They dedicate themselves to banning people for “trash talking” or landclaiming while hordes of hakers empty their servers, I would laugh if it was funny.

Although we usually beat hakers who come from “where you can not say”, the haks do not help them much … XD But the newbies suffer, and the servers empty …

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The Saddest thing of all is there is absolutely no communication from Funcom in any constructive manner, not even on this post showing how frustrated people are wanting to play the game.

Looking all across the forums and YouTube video’s of this game its either negative feedback for the conan team, or tutorials.

How is there still no reply to this even with the “Community Managers” being tagged?

Funcom just don’t care.

The devs don’t even acknowledge that these hacks even exist. They just hit you with “Go to zendesk lol”

Last I heard the zendesk staff aren’t the developers of the game. Pathetic excuse for a company honestly.

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Funcom just needs to ip ban the entire asia continent and put a system in place where any asian characters are being used get their accounts banned. Work with steam and getting their steam accounts flagged too.

funcom care, but those professional gamers that earn money in streaming are smarts, and they have technics that make it hard for funcom to fight.

but i can swear you that funcom care and act.

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