Well is not purges, so it hackers!

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Live Official Test please,

While sitting at home due to Covid19, i would like to play this good game(it is a great game when running properly). i urge you to just try disabling the Purge to see if that’s our severe lag problem for a few days, we want to support you, so please support us or just loose us as customers as whole. Your response should be calculated.

Whats wrong with the purge you may ask over calculating the attack scheme, or just plain memory overflow, either way this is lagging the server severely, also to note it may just be plain old hackers either way, why is it so hard to help us out after the money we paid for the game and/or dlc content.

Keep Conan Great!!!

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Official #1588
Hacker hacking between 12:01 pm to 1:30 pm