Wells Broken again? Not filling

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug

After patch today, wells are not filling again.

confirm, new well is not filing which installed after patch.

Same. Built a well yesterday - today, patched my server and now it’s empty and can’t fill my waterskin.

My wells are working just fine on our private server.
It’s so strange how so many bugs only affect some players.
I feel for you guys…

Working fine here too. Try building a new well.

it was never fixed for me, I have to place down a new one every time I play in single player.

Was always broken for me, have 4 lucky refreshment statues with water, other 7 empty for 2 month (btw destroying and replacing is helping only for a short time - after it will be empty again)

Hope they give us an update on how to fix this soon!