Wells in Volcano have gon dry at our base. 48 hrs since wells had water

Game mode: [Online | official PVE 1506]
Problem: Bug
Region: [Volcano]

Wells in Volcano have gone dry at our base. 48 hrs since wells had water. Tested both Mitra wells and normal wells. Same effect both go dry in 24 hrs and have no water.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place well

  2. well goes dry after 24 hrs

Update: This issue might be related. I’ve seen this happen for me as well, but in my base in the desert.

Single Player, PC.

Using the Pickup+ mod, if I pick up the well or Mitra well and place it again, it fills up. But if I log out and log back in, it goes dry (requiring to pick it up and place it down again for it to function). Hope that helps with the bug fixing.

Official PVE #1525 here.

I’ve got my structure at Swagger Rock in the desert region. I have the same issue with the dry well. It started fine, but by day 2 it was no longer producing water.