Wen will we get an clan upgrad/update?

As bad the clan system was from start whit all the risk by joining a clan, unless RL frends (or as pvp base to play the game) , and then the thrall cap and now the bane risk ontopp of that it makes it even more a big no-no to joinup in the game.

When we get a clan system/clan diplomasy fit for the game?

FC believes in freedom and nudity! Watch your step and select your friends carefully! No problem!

Am I the only one who started reading the title in German?

the only issue is in areas of shared building. IE
I placed a 3 story base. Then after joing another clan member builds 2 stories on top of that. Who gets the entire 5 stories of the building?

What should really be done is simple.
Allied system instead of clanning.
4 levels

  1. No friendly fire and thralls won’t aggro.
  2. #1 + you can open doors/gates
  3. #1,#2 + you can open locked chests, vaults
  4. all 3 other rules + can use followers/pets.

Each player can only have 9 active allies.


i think point 3 should be available also without clan. I want to open chest for all on pve-c and pve.


Yes its ward that you cant have open public chest when you can do it in pvp servers, same be able to put out public workstations to.

But maybe so the thrall is locked.


it doesn’t, though - it could probably be made to, but it currently doesn’t


Of course keep the current clan system. Really, the only thing I think we actually need (or at least the only thing I seem to think is missing), is a friend system.

Currently all I see when you meet someone in-game is “Invite To Clan” and of course that should stay. But, what about “Add Friend” or maybe even “Make Alliance” if both are clan leaders or high officers? There needs to be that option in the same wheel IMO - especially for PvE!

I think the default behavior for a friend or ally once added is that they can see/track your character dot on the map. Only that. Then there ought to be client settings for:

Friends Can:

  • Allow Character Tracking (On/Off) [Default: On]
  • See Your Bed Rolls And Bed (On/Off) [Default: Off]
  • Open gates and doors (On/Off) [Default: Off]
  • See Storage Contents (On/Off) [Default: Off]
  • See Bench Contents (On/Off) [Default: Off]
  • Add Contents To Storage (On/Off) [Default: Off]
  • Remove Contents From Storage (On/Off) [Default: Off]
  • Allow Followers To Follow (not place!!) (On/Off) [Default: Off]
  • Allow Operation Of Crafting Facilities (On/Off) [Default: Off]
    ===================== OPTION =======================
  • Allow Building On Your Land (On/Off) [Default: Off]
  • Allow Deconstruction On Your Land (On/Off) [Default: Off]
  • No Damage (On/Off) - [for PvP] [Default: On?]
  • And maybe some others I’m not thinking of…

Mainly just seeing and tracking other friend’s character dots is what I think is missing. Probably the number one chat exchange is “Where are you?”, “I’m at J-9” and maybe number two is “Going (whatever) hunting at (this or that) location - let’s join up there - anyone?”. So many events in this game are best played with others and I believe the VAST majority of clans are single member clans that this is something sorely needed! At least IMO. I can even see this working in PVP where smaller and single member clans are continually getting clobbered by larger groups. Although I’ve never played in PvP mode so maybe I’m talking out my butt on that one?

Anyway, yeah, “Friend Requests” should be a thing IMO and I sorely miss not having them available. :stuck_out_tongue:

The current clan system is fine but maybe allow the clan leader to set permissions on a per level basis.

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