What a horrible bug ridden game. what a waste of time and money



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You realised they only put out 2 DLC`s right not 4 or 5? Also you have to hit E on the wheel while they are still attached to the bindings you have them on.


He/she means they released the thrall before looking wich wheel to use, not sure why when you only need to look at the wheel to see whats inside.
I have never come across this specific bug.


Ah as I only use one wheel of pain as it makes things much more easier for me.


As someone who loves this game, this stings me because he is right. Bug and lag issues should be fixed as soon as possible.


Threat stuff is currently broken, otherwise carnivores would actually prey on weak targets…

Uhm. Did I miss something? I only have 2 in the bought list?
Dont you cound day one or preorder - those where “free” along with the game!

Actually, there was this certain deal lots of CE players talked about somewhere for 12$ if I am not wrong… :wink:

First off: Try searching the volcano. There are some really nice thralls over there. Including a really neat slaver as well!
Second: I will assume you play on offical servers? Those got a “wakeup” timer of 900 seconds. Which is - badum! - 15 minutes. Then they are supposed to disappear… But yes, sometimes they just get sent flying by tying them up again. Or was that some old, fixed one? Eh…


Again, the people who design the DLC packs are not the QA/Bug team. Not all of your complaints are rendered moot by this fact, but some are. Please attempt to understand what you are complaining about before you post.


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