What about a Craftable bag

Today I found myself in a situation where I needed a small wooden chest.

I thought what if we could make a bag out of hides?
Maybe a 10 or even 5 slot container that is hand craftable,

Basically a small loot bag that takes 24 hours to de-spawn if placed away from land claim.

I remembered my PVE friends have been asking for an un-lockable chest in which they could easily trade items. And I wondered if this would fill the bill?

Any thoughts PVE + PVE-C friends?


Having a safer, more reliable way to trade, in any form would be nice. Bag’s (similar to stashes in other games) would be cool. Or even just a cool leather bag you can use instead of a chest. Imagine placing one on a table, or next to a bed, or bedroll. Extra emersion is always nice.


When they first created the large chests they were lockable in PVE.
Unfortunately they were default unlocked and accessible by everyone. So people would creep around others bases and if a chest was close to a window or even on the other side of a wall, you could steal all of their items.
Most newer players had no idea they had to lock the chests and there were a few salty posts about it, to the point FC changed it.


They changed it in the default server settings? Because some servers are still like that.


I like the bag :school_satchel: idea.

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Funny thing, I on the few instances I tried PVE always counted the inability to unlock chests as a negative.

Here I am on a shiny happy care bear server :slight_smile: and I can’t use a chest to trade? lol
Care bear is a joke btw, please don’t take it seriously.


For trading I think a spot on both maps where characters can trade mats would be handy. A tradinng post spot in Sepermeru that allows you and another character to trade and when both agree to what is in the two spots, they swap and you access the items.

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That would work well, if you happen to be in that spot.
What I purpose would be portable, cheaply made and subject to decay, it would just last longer than a regular loot bag.

A both player interface with both choosing whether to complete the trade, is similar to most MMO’s
And the function would most likely just be added to the player options menu wheel.
I just doubt FunCom would want to implement something like that.

For PvP purposes I would push for a neutral location vs portable one where ambushing could occur.

PVP doesn’t really need this, I’m a PVP player, we just take and drop a large chest if we want to trade, We do it all the time. I just thought a cheap quick alternative that all game modes would benefit from would be nice to have.


I agree something more substantial then just dropping loot on the ground would be nice.

I was doing a trade with someone and I dropped my bags and they picked them up, but I did not see them drop, so I said in general chat, “drop it or die!”

Lol they had just dropped it, and I felt pretty small, and everyone in chat had a good laugh at me.


Yep pvp is the exact reason for this because everything else can be too sketch (learning some slang from my kids).

I respectfully disagree, PVP and as I said, I am a PVP player has access to the ability to unlock chests.
I have been trading on PVP servers with other people since EA.

If we know we are going to trade, we bring a container to trade with. Trust can be accounted for by dropping the container and backing away. Or by placing a container at an agreed upon location.

My good friend @Barnes left things for me, when I joined his server, I in return gave him pet young and a thrall, all this was done with a chest.

And you can’t claim it was just because we’re friends, I have traded with enemies too. Sure there is a chance for treachery, but that IS what a PVP server IS all about.

No my suggestion is for those times when a trade is impromptu, a simple small cheaply made bag one can make on the fly for trade.

Or for stashing loot you can return to get, without the need for a permanent box.
The thing that gave me this idea.

If you are having such a bad experience on a PVP server that you need a “no conflict zone”
Maybe you should try another server, or PVE

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Yeah, I agree. It’s doable now. But what they’re saying and I think I agree, is that it would be nice if there was a more integrated solution - indeed “something more substantial”.

I have no idea what tho. Maybe a person to person menu option: Person A long presses E on person B they wanna trade with, Select TRADE, Person B get an option Accept / Decline? , etc. If you have played some of the MMO games out there they mostly all have this.

I see what you’re saying.
Something like a MMO style interface, or a Pippi style thespian.

All I was thinking about is an intermediate, a bag that would last longer than a loot bag.
Sure all those things especially the Pippi style thespian / Player store would be very welcome.

A thrall that can facilitate trades is a great idea, and deserves it’s own thread.

But it’s also much more complicated than what I’m suggesting.

A small unlocked container that won’t dust in 5 minutes, even if it’s a one use item.
And it’s more suited to PVE because they don’t have unlocked containers, but could still find use in all game modes.

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What about a craftable key (and lock)?

You don’t have to use the word “imagine” here knowing that the mechanics for the skeleton key are in the game now. There are several use cases.

How would you give the key to another player?
Drop it on the ground?

Key and lock is a good idea, and has been mentioned in many other threads.
but is irrelevant in this one.

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I’m thinking ahead with a VR headset and controllers. Under such immersion the key can be handed over. Without a VR headset, it’s irrelevant. There is no such cross-play at the moment.

It’s just a thought.

The point being, for two servers and 3+ years now, we wish to transfer things via something other than dropping it.

I can tell you there are worse things than trying to help someone on the PvP server. What’s worse is when they publicly accuse you of busting a deal because your trade “despawned” or whatever.

We sold some armor to a Clan after we raided their enemy. It caused an enormous server war, when they tried to hand back some of the armor (in a peace deal) and it got lost in the jungle crevice.


My suggestion for trading in pve is to have password protected chests and doors.

A craftable bag would be nice but I would like to see also for ‘grouping stuff’ and also the ability to move it as a group to a chest or bench.