What about Poor Mitra?

Including Funcom’s.

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I’ma aware that the Gods are basically knock offs based on what the followers believe. If you scooped up a church full of Roman Catholics and dropped them in the Exiled lands. Their shared idea of God would be flawed because humans are flawed. Thus creating a sort of correct but still not totally correct kind of God.

The in-game mechanics don’t align with the in-game lore, when it comes to Mitra. In-game Mitra is still the God of justice. His followers building the giant foot still talk of peace and understanding. Yet you need to kill people to gain favorer at the alter. As LostBrythuian stated “Mitra is the only one whose sham religion requires violation of a fundamental tendency of the faith to practice.”

Mitra feels overlooked and out of place in the game itself. I’m trying to draw attention to that. If the game mechanics do him dirty as it is. What will adding sorcery do to him?

Does this make more sense?

Edit: Apologies, misread the post.

If the 3.0 shake up is big enough and there is enough time/funding to bring the “religions” out of their somewhat cookie cutter state, that would be excellent.
Not just because this one wants more options.
Dagon’s kid was very reasonable when we met, and hopefully they could put in a good word with progenitor so we can get better water breathing options, ect…
Hanuman is also already in game.
Bori, Erlik, Bel, and Anu all seem like good additions.
They did name the nameless spider god of Yezud, so at least there’s Zath.

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The issue with Mitra is not that he forbids killing. He forbids killing as a sacrifice to him.
It’s right up there with don’t worship other gods and especially not Set.
Sacrificing a human to Mitra is as deserving of reward as praying to Crom for help because one is too weak to do for themselves and life is too hard and not fair.
It’s not just heretical, it’s blasphemous.
If we are not assuming these are all modeled on the Giant King’s really not getting how any gods work other than Set (this one’s personal pet perspective), then gaining favour from Mitra could, using existing game mechanics, be accomplished by bringing a bound enemy to the altar to either be redeemed or judged. Alternatively, taking harvest from demons and undead would make sense, as would offering up the religious tools of other faiths, in upholding the Monolatry (belief in multiple gods but worship on only one exclusively) direction. Heads taken from corrupted snakes may also be a good option, given Mitra’s explicitly anti-Set stance.
It’s much more complicated than the current set up, and having actual responses from the in game divinities would honestly be more immersion breaking for this one, as Mitra is somewhat active in protecting his actual faithful.
Furthermore, it might need redesign of the temple as Mitra eschews gold, silver, and gaudy displays of wealth. Temples and statues should be simple (but we’ll made) stone affairs.

This one cannot imagine the Lore team at Funcom not knowing this given other details they have, hence this blasphemy is deliberate. Deliberately a form of weaponization of psychodrama in the settings. Something is eating all those sacrificed bits. But it certainly isn’t Mitra, and this one doubts it’s most of the others whose name and trademark have been scrawled on the shrines.

Hence all “religions” work basically the same. They all feed the same entity, what gives on brand rewards. If this is the case, then adding more “religions” becomes very easy, and justification need only be that it would compel a group of people to kill for reward and bring the ritually extracted left over to a different brand of depository.

The truely devout wouldn’t play the kill for kudos game. Except Set and maybe Yog followers. Everyone else would likely find this all very suspect, more so for what cannot be offered that would usually be exactly what that god craves, even demands of their followers.

Should the system be changed in game?
That is a difficult one, not from a balance perspective as all can be learned, ect…
But rather from the changes to the fundamentals of the settings from one cut off from (most) gods but with sham priests, to one where Mitra may look at his priests’ character sheet and get mighty pissed. To say nothing of what Jhebbal Sag and Derketo do with the live offerings brought to them.


You are extraordinary. Thank you for sharing your perception. I previously called another of your threaded responses “seductive” at the time, not fully understanding that it’s simply steadiness at the helm of one’s monologue. It’s very helpful to me personally, and edifying as a writer.

TLDR: deep stuff, thanks!

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I would like to see an end to Mitra personally.

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may every one will corrupt attributes to become stronger, there will be another way? who knows…

That is an exceedingly polite way of noting this one’s particulars. Glad you enjoy. Gratitude.

It’s always awkward, never certain whether it is better to post in the manner one speaks in, or in the manner one writes in. Finding a “text” voice has been one of the larger communication challenges this one has encountered in the past decade… and this one has been a professor, a dragoman, and supported a rather impressive/embarrassing bout of alcoholism with stand up. Each of those have a different “voice”, regardless of whether the audience/students/patron is listening or reading.

Perhaps this one will master brevity outside of emergency one day.
Not today.
But perhaps some day.

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I think you could playa Mitraen by using ritual magic. Sorcery in REH lite is inherently alien and by human standards outright evil. The corruption mechanic is a good idea and priests of Mitra using sorcery goes against REH lore

You only become stronger in one aspect though and sacrifice another (hitpoints and stamina) - Just be the livestream showing corrupted strength will give a bunch of bonus damage - BUT if you max it out youre looking at what 50% less max health and stamina ? That sounds annoying to me and a good trade off.

Why does Mitra accept violence in the Exiled Lands? Conan explains this.

“These things are not gods, but what men want gods to be, weapons.”


The in-game lore doesn’t match the in-game mechanics.


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You have a friend and sympathetic ear in me on this one Anglinex. And whether or not your perspective on this is different to my own, I see numerous parallels in regard to the way in which Crom is portrayed. And this is an issue which I have previously raised.

There is simply no chance in hell that a Mitra worshipper would forcibly extract the soul of a dead man then offer it up as a blood sacrifice of sorts to gain his favor. But I hear some people saying, just as I first thought: ‘but that is not the real Mitra’, that is just a weapon created by the denizens of the Exiled Lands. But herein lies the double standard. So it is seemingly no problem to depict Mitra in a way that is not Mitra, and has no lore to support it. It is ok to make blood sacrifices to a god of mercy and justice to gain his favor through acts of evil, all the while while having a shrine to Set just 10 metres away.

But yet we cannot make an animal sacrifice, build an ornament, a statue, or a replica set of armor to a god that likely wouldn’t even give a damn, even though there is actual lore to support them…!? And even moreover when we bear in mind that this is not even the real Crom. I am sorry, but I cannot help that there are both narrative, tonal and factual inconsitencies at play here, and at times we are cherry picking some facts while embelishing and misrepresenting others.

I agree with you that the religions could all do with a rework Anglinex.


Not sure if you like it but I did have an idea about Crom in my rework suggestion post.