What about the group contents in the future S2?

What is expected in terms of Dungeons, Lairs, Raids for the S2?

Up to date 03/27/2018 : sorry funcom made the decision to close my mouth. “censorship”

I believe this is already sort of being talked about over here Any indication we will have more group endgame content?

Sounds like this update is about Story content and story only.

If there will be any, it shall start from a lair which is most accessible to players from all levels of ip.
I guess that’s also the reason why they put in a KD lair and those megabosses instead of bring back old TSW dungeons.

Dungeons are for elite players. (According to Tron, only 1% players even get into e1 and above. :grin:)
Scenarios are simply boring to some people. (Maybe a scenario raid can fix it? )
Raids are even much more unaccessible than dungeons (Well organized, Most geared players can still wipe in NYR e10 for hours :grin:)…unless we are talking about story mode which almost everyone loves…its reward :grin:

That’s about this update specifically. And honestly, it rather makes sense there no ‘cross-faction infiltrator party’ group content in that Morninglight compound.

I really don’t think @TronQuixote meant to imply there won’t be any endgame group content in S2. That seems to be in ‘remains to be seen’ territory.

Oh yeah most deffinately. As i said sounds like THIS update is souly about story content. That is of cause not to say there wont ever be any more endgame content. Just pointing out there is a similar chat going =). As far as i know there is no official news on when such endgame content might be worked on.

Unless you have the statistics you can’t really be sure about that. That 1% is based on a statistic that was made quite some month ago at this point though. Still i would not be surprised if the majority are either not at lvl 50 yet, or doesn’t do group content. There are plenty people who more or less only do the solo stuff.


It can be misleading. However, the data is highly believable.
If you are in a cabal big enough and that is not an end-game orientated cabal like Crits, it’s very easy to find lots of people are AFK, playing casually, only playing during the weekend.

And hardcore players have alts, my 3 alts farmed MoF till they are lv50, farmed lairs till they are e4, they’ve never been in any elite dungeons before that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh i am all for story content first =P. I’m sitting over here hoping i’ll be done moving into my new place before S2 goes live.

I think its (barely) OK to have a story update, then a further story (+ feature?) update, but if there isn’t dungeon content (old or new) by sometime this summer that’s rather sad. And if SA is meant to be a full zone, it should have at least one new dungeon at some point (and I’m still hoping for Tokyo and SA Scenario maps).

Why? is there any sensible reason for that other than ‘MMO zones must have dungeons because’?

If SA is indeed a full zone dedicated to infiltrating the Morninglight, as information so far seems to indicate, those lone infiltrators randomly grouping up with other people because reasons would make zero storytelling sense.

Clearly there’s more going on in South Africa than just a Morninglight operation.

Where do those hyenas come from? Is there a nest? Hey, dungeon idea! :wink:

That’s a ‘could have’ excuse, not a ‘should have’ reason though.

Besides, those weird eggs in some of the Massively screenshots seem a lot more interesting than a couple of wandering hyenas :wink:

As for the “should have” argument, I believe that every zone (or big general area) should have replayable, progression-focused content. Sure, story missions are replayable starting with Kaidan. But they’re not particularly good for progression and even the best missions eventually grow stale as you repeat them.

And so do dungeons and raids. Which is why end-gamers have been clamoring for more of them. The more variety there is of each type of content, the longer it takes to grow stale.

Zones don’t really have dungeons though, they just have transitions to their instances. Which nobody really uses, because group finder. So I don’t really see a benefit in forced finding a reason to include a transition point that nobody will use more than maybe once for the cutscene.

As such, I think a dungeon-free ‘inflitration zone’ SA is fine. If Funcom wants to offer more dungeon variety, adapting the Kaidan ones for SWL would seem preferable. (probably less still less work than designing neww ones from the ground up, too.)

Steal Conan Exile’s art work. Steal their people(or…they are called thralls?) as well if possible… :wink:

When I see that the players prefer to farm the first boss dungeons because it takes too much time to do everything (seriously? We waste time on a game ???), I understand that Funcom don’t have time to make new dungeons.

Maybe they could rework those who are not yet in elite mode?
I dream to see the manufactures, with the aegis, in the form perhaps of items of quests given at the beginning of dungeon? or buff on our characters?

If the design of many boss fights would be more fun/less overtuned, many people would not spend their time farming first few bosses only imho. But we have a long thread and discussion about design flaws of SWL dungeons here…

Unique being the keyword here. You could always re-use assets from existing content to create new dungeons. As long as the fights are interesting, I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind.

As much as I love group content I am not fan of endless recycling. It can work for some time, but not forever. I remember how I looked forward to Issue 13 and then how dissapointed I was. Or as a best example how recycling assets can ruin excelent story is that event quest connected to The Park.

I like design consistency when it already works.

I also think there could be interesting story concepts to play with.