What about the official servers?

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Welcome to the Forum it is happening on Playstation and pc Don’t know about Xbox. Great weekend planning Funcom. @Nobodyuknow

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Haven’t reach home yet, but it will suck since I plan to use the free weekend for ps online look for my character to find where it got kick to after the server trimmed.

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You ain’t going to find this character anymore. If you quit before the merges and you didn’t log in on a period of 2 months your character is erased. So it’s better to spend time recreating character than loosing time searching something that’s literally lost!


Happened to me. A player wanted my spot. He reported me then built same spot the same day I got wiped. I tried to explain that they were lying and asked if they even checked the area. I was building at the same time my blocks were deleted. I had built a base in that area on and off for years since I first started playing. Never had a problem.

They changed code of conduct not long after that and included that false reporting people is an infraction. Have fun trying to prove they’re lying though. Idk it’s a competitive game but PVE and PVEC servers should have different rules than PVP.

I have 3 clans spamming lines on my server at the same time right now. Not sure how to efficiently go about reporting them. I know how the report system works. I’m a very long time console player. Idk what to do most times. Idk how to explain how many months I just spent trying to get a block out of the mesh because it’s not something they will help with.

I have to be careful how I word things I’ve learned. I’ve said a lot of aggressive things to the devs in the past when serious issues arose and I felt like they weren’t responding in a way that I thought they should. In my opinion they mildly retaliated by saying if I didn’t stop that I would be banned from forums or the game or whatever. I’m still here playing. I hope those incidents aren’t still affecting my customer experience. Im afraid my account has been flagged maybe.


From a veteran player , if your on official pvp server , you better have alot of copium . If its not the stress of getting raided by cheaters it will be the stress of getting dev wiped for blocking a stone .


You do get the report just gets them to investigate, right? If they investigate and don’t find a violation they can assume it’s a false report.

I wish I could get the same sort of service from zendesk on PVE that they seem to reserve for PVP. Couple of times I have reported this build that completely encompasses the entire short cut around skulkers, the cliffs way over on either side and the entire plain above it. Clearly a TOS violations, but " oh, we so sorry, been real busy, hope issue solved self, byyyeee".

I feel for Bob, he has a lot on his plate, he admins how many public servers? 700 something?


It’s mass reports, not 1 or 2.

That is the difference.

Additionally they changed ToC in that they “gather” reports for a server, whatever that means.

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That would be the number that makes the difference.
As I have said, I’m the server villain. I do have a list. I know it is me and one other trying to do something about the behemoth builds; running out of adequate descriptors. But with just 2 people reporting, unless I hit all the builds on my list, there isn’t enough reports gathered to investigate the server; and what good villain blows up the entire city all at once?

And you always save the biggest for last. Make them sweat.

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I am sorry you got banned in game and flagged in here. You are not alone my friend, more or less we all have one way or another. I never got banned in game so far but i got flagged many and silenced once. No worries, you are a positive spirit and leave nothing to keep this spirit down :metal:.
Speak you mind!


Question is it a base you reported , or is it genuinely spam just there to stop players ?

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Admitting to reporting people for building big bases , is pretty cringe my guy . Only thinks you should be reporting are meah bases , sky bases . Or buildings that have no other purpose than to block importante resources or collectables (emotes ,recipes etc…)


For my server it is just lines. Lots of lines with very tiny if any base attached. They’re coming up to my front door and all the way across the summoning place to the other side near another players base. For the same reason mentioned above I’m afraid to report anyone. Every time I have in the past I somehow got in trouble for being upset.

3 separate clans apparently having a line war in numerous different locations and I’m afraid to report them.

Also the amount of time and effort I have to put into typing Russian names idk how to type and screenshots of each location. The clans really need a complete ban from the server but I fear even sending a report. Everywhere they build something it’s line spam.

I do have screen shots as I do plan on reporting them eventually but I cannot pronounce or write the names on a keyboard lol which when I check his player name is English which leads me to believe he uses Russian characters on purpose to intentionally make it difficult to report him.


Do those screenshots include an automatic Google Translate prompt? Play with it and convey your result.

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You’re trying to infer one is ok and they other not, which isn’t the case. Look at the examples given in the TOS.

This is PVE. There are people that literally do not stop building. Building a massive base IS a TOS violation.
“Man I got banned for nothing, my build didn’t block anything” in that half a map square.
Blocking POIs isn’t the only TOS violation in the rules “READ THE TOS” look at the examples given.

Thinking big sprawling bases covering hectors of land isn’t a TOS violation is why there are so many on PVE servers.


Don’t even bother! It’s not a players job to clean the mess.
If this server is plagued go away and never come back. Start a new character in another server but not before running around the map and check what’s going on around. And if you care not to steal or kill others go from pve-c servers, they are the worst from 3 of types. Go to pve and relax.


Thats BS. I or anyone ahould not move from a server becaise of dbags. If theybthinknitvis breaking ToS report it. Dont go away. That passive style only allows dbags free reign.

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You being the bad guy here isn’t a badge of honour. I realize you don’t report anymore because you’ve stated there is no point since your reports are ignored.

Terms of Conduct, Guidelines and Procedures (there are no Terms of Service, btw), as you well know, is not clear. Your interpretation of it will never be what is in line with Funcom because we don’t truly know what their intention is. It has been oft repeated that it is intentionally vague because there are too many factors and people are crafty.

So mega builds. You’ve shown a few examples. I would tend to agree with you on that but we go back to Funcom’s intention which we simply do not know.

Now to clarify about what I mean about mass reports to an extent. Suffice it to say that your or my report x1 are usually not enough. Their system is based on quantity not quality. Use your imagination or use the little button, as you wish.


The players already have to deal with a broken game and cheaters galore , having players acting like teachers pets on servers is just adding more fuel to a burning building