What about the PVE scavenger thing funcom was working on?

just a fair question, they removed the ability to scavenge/loot decayed bases, they said they “heard the community” and were planing to bring it back somehow, its been way over a month since that happened… or is it 2 months? , and still nothing.

tT looks like another broken promise from funcom, another one … it seems.

It means they don’t know yet how to bring it back. Thinking about a way to appropriately implement features such as mounts takes time once they say that they want to think about it. They are either not ready to share internal plans or more information on this may be found on the Trello board (I haven’t checked it)

If you have any suggestions regarding the mechanic, they are very welcome on its subforum.

(Just fyi, the change, for anyone wondering, is noted here: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Upcoming_features - the trello board is linked on https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Useful_links)

Ps: I have missed the part about bringing it back myself, a reference would be nice to have (a.o. for the wiki) as I only heard something on discord about it.

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this is not even near the complexity of mounts, they only need to make it as it was before, what else is to it?

something decays is free for pick up, i mean… its not Rocket science.

I’m also not aware what exactly the issue was/was related to. I’m sorry I can’t immediately help there. I could ask someome who might know though :wink:

PC Hotfix (15.11.2018) this was also mentioned by tascha but i cant find the reference sorry.

backgroun. in the past in PVE or any other server ,when a base decayed (Abandoned) we were able to loot them , (once decayed), now its impossible to do so… ]

then about a month and a few days ago, they said they were looking into making an scavanger mode due to feedback (it was truly overwhelming the amount of people complaining not only here but also in reddit. so they said they took the feedback to the developers and they said they will look into a way to implement it. (we are still waiting lol)

it seems to me they love to screw people at PVE servers, (funny as they claim to listen to what people want, , but for this case it remained in the “listening part.” fixing is just as easy as removing the ownership to decayed building bags, (as mentioned not rocket science) , this change was of course implemented without any patch notes, or neither was a patch tested over testlive. so this blewed on their faces, and nothing ever happened after that. just another not so popular change they did without asking what people wanted. they acknowledged it was unwelcome change, and thats pretty much it.

To be clear , i dont blame their good PR people , in fact i feel sorry for them to have to deal with the incompetence we are used to see on the development/direction side, its sad, they have GREAT ideas, very innovating ideas, indeed, but very poor execution 90% of the time, and the pr guys are the ones taking all the hits. they have my sincere sympathy.

I’m pretty sure they don’t want to do that. Unfortunately - I’ve advocated rather loudly for just that previously.

You CAN demolish it, BUT you can’t actually pick-up any of the items that drop from the base. Literally all of the weapons, materials, all that person’s work are permanently lost and squandered.

The thing is, this shouldn’t be a difficult thing to fix. When the base falls in, you can see the loot bags lying on the ground with all their contents, it’s just that you are greeted by the “you do not own this” message when attempting to access them.

So it’s not like they have to do a ton of work reenabling the decay of bases and how inventory is handled. Literally all they need to do is remove the ownership parameter on the loot bags for decayed bases.

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exactly what he said, there are acts that shows the lack of good will from them. this is clearly one of those, its not rocket science to revert it to what it was, instead we get the spin of : we are looking into ways to enable a scavanger mode type of message, i mean, no one has ever asked for a “system” only to revert back to what it was, . and again, it does not punish anyone (decayed base and its things are already lost) …

whats next? if you didint kill the creature its not yours and therefore you cant loot it? (i better stop giving them ideas on how to keep limiting people at PVE servers.

things get much worse even when despite of the feedback, and people asking to revert the change, they (the developers simply dont care), they are probably thinking “its only pve, therefore not important”

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Not a big issue as the would probably just prefer people get their own stuff, that’s half the fun of the game crafting everything and figuring everything out.
So i can understand why when you walk past you cannot pick it up. Makes the game too easy, they don’t want that.
Hence the lvl 60 cap. Maybe bring it back but limit how much of everything you can take. I’ve seen people horde enough to build 2 brand new bases. Armour, weaps. You could be lvl 2 and have most items…
imo keep it as is.

When i’m leaving i’ll offer some appropriate stuff to others and leave the rest to dust.
Although would be cool some guy comes back and his base is gone… gets all depressed.

Enter you to save the day
“Don’t worry, I saved all your loot!” :smile:

“Give me $50au and you can have your loot back” :rofl:

Done that in PVP once, offered to give stuff back to a kid for $10.

Actually it’s not unheard of for those on PvE to try and safeguard the belongings of friends who may have left on vacation or had an extended Internet outage. While their base might be gone, we could at least save all their thralls and belongings for a while… :-\

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what larathiel said,.

point is, people wanted that thing reverted , they acknowledged that the change was unwelcome. and in the end they did not care…


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