"What about us" tsunami: positive suggestions

In the wake of the “What about us” tsunami, I thought it might be positive and helpful if members focused on suggesting changes (additions or adjustments) that would cause the PvE (including Solo/Co-op option) players to feel more important than they have been.

Some folks feel that PvP has been gaining favors at the expense of PvE. I am not looking for arguments to prove this in either direction. I am looking for suggestions that would cause these same folks to feel differently.

I suggest a slider that focuses on bosses only (separate from thralls and pets.) This would allow Solo/Co-op and private PvE servers to bring the HP down to a point that consumes less time while still being challenging.

I suggest a regen stat being added to stone weapons and possible iron to assist the new players in dealing with group NPC attacks and more challenging targets that are met close to the beginning of the game. This will help tame the regen and heal nerfs done over the passing year. Higher level players will still be challenged, while new players and lowest level players will still have opportunities to learn the game without being overwhelmed by the buff given to NPCs and bosses.

I suggest a reskin for the T1 and T2 building pieces. There are many T3 skins available but some players restart and some play slower having something that doesn’t look like everyone else’s would be more enjoyable. Reskin is not improving or nerffing the T1 and T2 structure HP so this should change nothing for the PvP players.

I also suggest that the “catch up” be looked into in Solo/Co-op as it appears to not be functioning. If this is not possible, then have an opportunity to find star metal in standard iron or a different style of triggering that works when a player is not in the area of meteor showers. (Maybe put some showers in the center of the map?)


Personally I think the NPCs need adjusting. The last time I was playing, several weeks ago, the NPCs seem to gang up on you when you are solo and with nothing but a thrall or pet.

And it seems like the NPCs are delivering way too many attacks, way too frequently.

To the point where it seems like even as few as two NPCs targeting you are delivering a massive number of attacks almost nonstop, while you are really unable to do anything but block them.

This was running with a sword and shield. It seems like they are more heavily skewed towards being online and facing them in groups.

Even nerfing their damage in the single player settings, they still seem to be doing way too much damage, even in the lesser areas that are appropriate for your character level.

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I agree. It is difficult as a single character to go into some camps as the entire camp comes at you at once. One player against many doesn’t make for a good challenge…I find it frustrating. Perhaps a smaller response range for the individual NPCs? So they do not overlap with so many others.


I think it’s an issue with how the NPCs attack as well, to be honest.

I am sad that you feel this way, but I do understand why.

I am not understand the execution of this suggestion but it sounds good. It sounds like the player/character will self-adjust depending on what it hits. Will this work with bosses?

I think it literally is just an IF-ELSE function for damage output.

IF you strike a non-Player entity, your damage output is multiplied by X.
ELSE your damage output is multiplied by Y.

So in this case, if you strike an NPC, Thrall, Pet, Building, Monster, Animal, or Boss, you will be doing (THIS x X) per hit.

If you strike a player character, you will be doing (THIS x Y) per hit.

With the end result that PvP adjustments to damage would be made on the ELSE part of the statement, and PvE adjustments made on the IF part of the statement.

It would be worthwhile, if it could be implemented.


Thank you for the description. I understand the concept better now.
It seems if the damage done to non-players is higher than that done to players, it would be useful to tame some of the increases in the NPC that have happened recently without giving a PvP’er and advantage over another player.

Adjusting damage is one step. But the way they attack and combo is something that also needs to be taken into account. Since it seems like they can attack much too frequently as it is now.

Yes. I remember how difficult it was to combat the crossbows. Bolt after bolt, I couldn’t move forward for the being pushed back. It would be good if the AI was not able to attack and combo without stamina restrictions. Wonder if adding such would help the AI be more reasonable with the number and speed of combo attacks.

It means you could adjust the damage done to players and non-players independently.

If PVPers whined about a weapon doing too much damage, you could lower the damage it was doing to them without lowering the damage it did to bosses, for example.

By “you” are we speaking of the individual player or the game admin of the server.

By “you” I meant the game devs.

Okay, so instead of the developers creating nerfs and buffs, they can just adjust the values of X and/or Y.

Server Setting currently has several sliders:

  1. Player Damage Given
  2. Player Damage Received
  3. NPC Damage Given
  4. NPC Damage Received

Basically what Aria wants is it to be split into this:

  1. Player PvE Damage Given
  2. Player PvE Damage Received
  3. Player PvP Damage Given
  4. Player PvP Damage Received
  5. PvE Damage Given
  6. PvE Damage Received

So the first two sliders will govern the damage you give, and receive, from npcs, monsters, animals, bosses, etc. (I think thrall/pet damage is adjusted on a different slider entirely, I’m not sure offhand.)

The second pair of sliders would only adjust the damage from PvP encounters.

The third pair is how much damage NPCs, monsters, animals, and bosses will give and receive.

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First of all, leme start by saying that we all play the same game regardless of the mode. So if players wan’t to put themselves in boxes, i won’t help them emphase that manacheistic vision (that’s why PvE-C exist after all). If someone wana feel special, it have to be for something special, not because he play this or that.

I do think Funcom listen to constructive suggestion and feedback regardless of the mode played.

To that a big YES ! Always think that modifier should spead the input for Wild Npc and player owned one, same for damages.

I don’t see your point here, every food source heal, and 10 survival point alow to eat anything.

I’m always for skin diversity and personalisation, a big yes again^^

Didn’t do much solo appart from training with friend and building, so i’m not sure if it would help, but maybe add to the pannel setting a button for meteor fall ?

Funny thing is, as a private owner, these settings exist, but aren’t functional from what i am told.
Also, make it 4 sets of sliders for NPC’s
Thralls/undead warriors
Mini Boss
World Boss.

this would allow to set the gameplay for the endvironment how you think it should be.


The point is that food does not heal well enough or fast enough to keep the player in the game. Go after iron ore, fight off rocknose, HP drops low, stand on a rock for 10 minutes (or whatever) while eating, waiting, eating waiting…until the HP comes up and new player can risk fighting off the next rocknose. A steady regen would allow the new player to attempt to harvest the ore while raising the HP. Placing the regen on low level weapons prevents PvP from feeling challenged by the new player.

As stated, I wanted to point out the prevailing emotion regarding the recent adjustments. I am not looking for an argument or an attempt to validate the emotions.

Adding a slider for the meteor fall is a good idea; however, fixing the “catch-up” mechanism would also correct the issue of crafting stations stopping once the character leaves rendering range.

Shadoza has a point.

The healing system in Conan is complete ■■■, to put it mildly. And the main problem with that is that it was nerfed to prevent incident during PvP, which makes it all the worse in PvE.

Stuff like healing stops if you get struck. Or bandages stop if you move. All done to prevent abuse in PvP, which makes things suck in PvE a lot of the time.

And the end result is that Conan just is not fun to play, a lot of the time. They chose to make changes to support PvP players, and as a result they severely damaged the PvE gameplay.

Conan is never going to be a truly great game, until they learn to start separating gameplay to provide different balance for PvP vs PvE, and that is practically impossible with this type of game.

Thankyou for starting this topic Shadoza. I agree that not all, but many of the current problems we have could be offset if we had some additional Admin settings and sliders. For example, an interupt healing regeneration on or off option, or a manual trigger for Star Metal meteors as you said, or the ability to spawn in items such as the Sword of Crom at pre-nerf values. There were a few others I thought of in the past, but cant recall them at the moment. I will update this if any others come to mind.


More sliders to govern stuff would be a huge change, especially for private servers and offline players.

The trigger for meteors would be a great addition to the Admin Panel.

Also a +10 Feats button, or else a Box to type the number you want and then a button to make it happen. Rather than just +1 feat and having to spam click it repeatedly.

Offhand, I would think it’d be nice if we could have a slider to adjust the passive HP regen from the one perk.

I haven’t used either, but Sword of Chrom and Lifeblood Spear could be added as another item to the Admin Panel spawning. So you have the default versions, which are nerfed and found in the game. And then you have the original versions, which could be spawned by Admin Panel. Which would benefit single players or private servers.