What about Wagons

Quick question I understand mounts will probably not be for awhile but could we get a wagon pulled by a horse or something. So we can go on resource gathering trips. Just saying it would be nice to be able to load up a wagon with a ton of resources and ride or escort it back. Instead of breaking rocks till you can’t carry anymore and slowly walk back. Thanks and great job so far!!


Camel pet will let you load them up to carry resources back.

Thing is 20 slots of most resources only weighs 260 “units” and players with encumbrance 50 laugh at such petty numbers. Basically, if it is safe you might as well just use momentum, if it’s unsafe you sure as well shouldn’t be risking your camel… go use a greater pet with its 10 slots and take a few extra trips.

if you got a mod that increase stacking… you could do more. just saying

I was thinking a little more then just 20 slots. I just think a wagon with like 4 or 5 chests on it. That you can have follow you around and have to protect as well. I don’t mind having to roll my way back loaded up but just think that would add a new dynamic to the game. As for mods I’m on console.

i can see that wagon being met by Highway Robbers on pvp :slight_smile:

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