What actually happens to you if you are found to b spam building

Like the rule says about building i follow them but i have a guy on my server swears hes a funcom employee with admin rights an hes having all my stuff wiped from server so i called him out on being a liar an reported him told him as much now hes built a wall around my base sending me messasges like i reported i for spam building an goes on to tell me hes built a wall around my base an asking me how i like it all on messages that have been sent to funcom as a complaint of harrasment an spam building but im worried my stuff may get wiped before they figure out whats going on so worst cause situation what can I expect will it all b gone will i even b able to get on my server if they beleave his crap before they see mine


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If someone is pretending to be a Funcom employee and threatening you it would fall under the false reports category of the ToC.


As for what happens if you’re suspended:

Your buildings will be removed by an admin. On server reset you will be suspended the following day and unable to log in for a period of time.

its a rule violation impersonatinating a staff member, take prints of the chat and you can report this guy, also for building abuse, collect as many print as you can and report this guy. Dont tell him that you will do so. Dont argue with this this guy less you talk to him is better, ensure that your base dont fall in any point of ToS so you would be safe. Dont build too big, use all the space you toke with stations and functional stuff, avoid at all cost claim land for decorative stuff. Dont scather things around. Personally i recomend a 20x20x20 build and if anything dont fit inside put it next to you inside your claim radius. Be patient some time FC takes a long time to attend to report but they will at some point. Finally if you dont feed the trolls they go away. Hope you could get it solved soon. I fell your pain i experienced it too more than one time


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This is what i got from the guy whi says he is funcom

I think you hit post before your screenshots finished uploading, might want to try that again


Lol thank u haha ur right my bad im tech savy what can i say

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surelly he is not funcom staff. If you are playing in a private server then may he could be some toxic server moderator, but in an official server it not should happen. I dont believe that he even has some admin powers, why would he wall around your base if within adm power he could just wipe it? No no, when people got some power they quickly show it and dont stay on threathening.


Cant get pics to load lol hes surrounded my base my base is the black ice if the pics load hisclan is greyskull the nemeduan base an sandtones circle they just added around my base

I’m 99.9% sure “MR-FUZZY-CRAZY” is not a real funcom employee. Definitely report him to zendesk if you haven’t already done that


I reported him again today i got on an found this he even signed it lol literally

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My recommendation, do not wait for admin to intervene or rather those of Sandesk, who do not solve anything sure you will be sanctioned for overconstruction because they are not clarified each one has a criterion. I have been banned for a base in the clutches, you will tell me how big it can be that not all the workbenches come in. But in the end I am sanctioned for it or so I think because they don’t even warn you or indicate that you have done wrong so as not to do it again. As I tell you, everyone has a criterion that it is a massive construction. Anyway, I recommend that you pick up your base and keep everything important in your body and stop playing on that server for a while. You will not be able to against that player, you have all the to lose, you will be able to look for him all over the map and you will not find any base, it is the new goal of the game that the fantastic rules have created by banning constructions. Rat players like your enemy have no bases anywhere, they just set up a cauldron and make bombs to break the fools who have little houses. For example, your base falls whole with a God, which costs nothing to do it. The hardest thing is to find the priest. In one afternoon, the base will be erased. Pick up everything important, even remove the constructions and save the material, wait a while and you will see that that rat leaves the server. Lucky because rat players abound and are the spoiled ones, They are not sanctioned because they do not build, they do not last long on one server because when they break a cough they get bored and go to another. When they change the server, they change the clan name, so it is impossible to sanction them. Don’t waste your time trying to be sanctioned for being a rat player, you will waste your time and have a hard time.

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