What animal will you tame first

I want an army of shalebacks. Turtle power! Sure they are weakest tame. You got to love all those baby turtles.

Sure my Personal Pet is a Sabertooth.

What will you tame first?


Just planning to tame a wolf for now as i am hoping there is a black furred one.

Anything I can :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I want a hyena. I see they have tiers. Highest tier Hyena.

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Spider, both for a pet, and domestication.

Giant Spiders are sort of like Giant Crabs, which near equals Giant Steamed Crab Pots…

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Plus you will get what you need to make silk as well.

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Tiers are nothing to me. The fear of 100 shaleback army. Gaurd my honey. For the honey! XD

Is it wrong I want to tame shalebacks more than thralls?

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Rhino’s… I will replace all of my guard thralls with them (except for archers).

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More importantly what do I get when I kill others pets?

Bear. Because the cubs are soo cute :stuck_out_tongue:

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most likely the same kind of drops like feral flesh for example and maybe even have access to what was on the pet as well.


Wolf or dire wolf first. Then a lion if I can find one. Similar to camels, I have not seen any lions in game thus far – I expect they will come with the update???

Rocknoses - all that free iron will be nice.

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Nothing. I have zero interest in pets though I hope that they are great for those that have been greatly anticipating them :smile:

For adventuring, a jungle panther. Because cool factor. For a farm around the house, a herd (?) of rocknoses. Because iron runs suck.

cats, wolves, and bit all i can and will see and be able to get.

First it’s fun to test, and i love animals. But like they need care, food and all, i think to many will be also work. So let’s test first. But i look forward to my first cat or wolf.

My first choice was an elephant, but because they are not an option I will have to go with another single type of animal. I was so looking forward to using an elephant to attack dragons to help farm dragon bones. I am leaning toward either a tiger, wolf, bear, or rhino because they are the strongest animals near me that I have seen baby animals of. I got feeling that a tamed rhino will produce a lot of dung.

i’m sure they look smart in a workstation :yum:

yep rhinos for the win !!!

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