What animal will you tame first



yep rhinos for the win !!!


Blackbears especially are really strong, sure they are harmless against human players, but you would be amazed to see how powerfull against npcs and other wildlife they can be. their charge is just OP in that matter :smile:


Can you tame the spiders that spit out venom? They would be incredible for PvP


Well in the News letter they did list spiders so I am guessing yes as that could be one of the kinds of spiders you could be able to get.


I don’t have any aim for specific pet, I’ll tame any that’s near my base first for a start.


Spitting Spiders would have been my first choice, but they aren’t on the list. Let’s hope we can get them at a later date to slow down people who try to run. :smiling_imp:


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