What are GMs doing about AFK Players in Raid Finder?



Players going AFK in Raid Finder is a common, annoying, and prohibitive problem in Age of Conan right now.

By our definitions, a player choosing to not participate in raids while occupying a slot in a raid is disruption of gameplay or unattended gameplay. First, they are potentially preventing the progress of the other members of the raid. Second, they are gaining rewards for content they did not complete.

When GMs receive a report from a player concerning this particular issue, we do our best to investigate the situation and take the appropriate action. A huge hurdle that we face with these reports is response times. During times when Customer Service is very busy, it is difficult for us to reach the raid in time to investigate properly.

Due to the complications we have, we’ve spoken with development and they’re planning on adding features to the Raid Finder to help with this and other problems. Please know that we, CS and the Developers understand the frustrations you’re experiencing and we’re going to do our best to make the experience better.

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