What are the BiS items for PvP?


I would like to know what are the best weapons,armors,consumables to use for pvp.
After the new Updates and crafting changes i wanna know what are the weapons best for pvp.

Other people might have a different answer.
But I don’t think there really is a BiS this isn’t like a MMO

Whatever you are most comfortable with is the best weapon for you, so if you like one thing the best of that, would be your answer.

Many people like polearms but if you are poo with a polearm someone who is good with daggers will destroy you.

A good archer will kill an unskilled melee before they even get close, and vice versa.

So find out what weapon suits you best, then ask what is the best x weapon.

i prefer horse pvp soo the best polearm is what im looking for. also prefer axe with shield combat, i just crafted redeemed silent legion armor with t3 thrall soo that might work out.
What consumables should i bring for a raid or pvp?

I would need to look up polearms in the wiki
Because I never fight in that style myself.

Perhaps some other forum denizen could voice their opinion of Polearms and Axes.

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