What are the hours that devs work on the game?

What hours are dev working on the game? Just wondering because I usually have any issues during purge hours and don’t seem to get a reply until the next day, so I’m not sure there is a 24 hour team. Just curious, not complaining. I want to know the best way to communicate directly with them so I can know they’ve acknowledged the bugs and crashes I find and are working on fixing them. This is a great game but I think we need a little more community support. Perhaps more people buying the game and dlc will allow them to expand and have the resources necessary to address all of our concerns.

As far as I know, Funcom’s Community management is based in Norway, so Norwegian office hours (0800 to 1600 or 0900 to 1700 UTC+1) sounds likely. Please note that community managers may not have an instant hot line to relay your reports to the developers/bug fixers, so some delay between your report and any reaction ot it is inevitable, no matter what time you post it.


Understandable, thanks for your reply!

If you must know, the developers only come together to work on the game on the night of the full moon.

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I thought on the night of the full moon they put on their viking wolf skin belts utter the three words of power, turn into wolf like creatures of the night…

And play basket ball against rival game developers. :slight_smile:


I don’t know, @Jens_Erik looks pretty beefy. I think between him, Alex and @AndyB they could field the basis of a pretty solid rugby team. :adnyplz:


You’re thinking of the Tuesday night rugbywolf Berserker League.

Michael J Outfoxed by you once again!

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Sounds like Blood Bowl, and old (old!) favorite of mine :slight_smile: (yeah I know there are some newer digital adaptations, own 'em all, they just don’t do it for me).

Norway hours the same as ours.
working… IDK about that, I’m still waiting for a fix on a climbing glitch that always knocks us down whenever we touch a grain of dust on a wall, mountain, or any kind of nonplayer structure. as well as a fix on fall damage since falling from a height in the game that is so high that the ground is a cloud and only taking 200 some damage from falling.
to contact insert a credit card and huge payload of money, maybe you will get their attention.
don’t reward lack of quality with a paycheck. but then again… half the player base only wants something to spend money on regardless of the quality of the game people play with

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