What are the three best things in life?

1 Crushing your enemies.
2 See them driven before you.
3 Hearing the lamentation of the women.

Cue the Conan music

Are you a builder, a warrior, adventurer, nomad, or raider. Then this is the server for you. All style players are welcome. Come create your epic tales, Join the adventure, Adventure Time is looking for players like you.

Server set ups are default official except for the following.
3 * Harvesting multiplier

  • Purges only hit clans if at least one clan member is online
    slightly sped up purge meter ( already had 3 purges in 1 week)
  • No drops on death, because it sucks to loose your hard earned stuff to glitches and blue screen crashes ( we can adj this if players want to)
    Crafting speed is .5
  • 24 Hour Raid time

Server rules are simple

  • No Cheating will not be tolerated.
  • No walling of Important areas, obelisks, player bases and resources.
  • No foundation spamming, and road umbilicals
    -No dragging world bosses and beasts to players bases to wipe out thralls or pets
  • No derogatory or racist language will be tolerated.

Wiping out bases will be frowned upon, there is no need for that during raids. If you do have to do some good amount of damage to get to the good stuff, leave that clan alone for awhile so they can rebuild and gather resources to rebuild.

When Raiding dont hit the same players several times in the same day , or day after day, be cool they wont even have good stuff.

Have Fun! Survive, Grow, Dominate!

Join Adventure Time