What are you spending all your scrap on?

That’s a neat strategy. I loot every Artifact from the Scraplands to Izza and Fala and get Ranger before I clear the Fallen Angel. I’m frugal so I only use one Molotov and one Grenade followed up with a Slinger shot. I just ignore the Pyro and mop him up next turn. You should consider doing a no damage speed run if you get bored. Can’t rely on RNG so new tactics are a must.

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I basically already do have a no damage run, the only places I take damage when I’m not being stupid (as far as practice runs go) is hammon’s cabin because I want the shaman dead before the hunter usually and the end when zappy girl does her zappy stuff and AOE damages my team. I think I could work out a safer I.E slower route for that though.

I’ll add it to my list, next is an Iron Mutant run when speedrun.com accepts the game.

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Nice! Yeah that Hunter at Hammon’s Cabin is a real piss ant sometimes. As for her, I’ve taken her and her goons down without any damage once so I figure I can do it again anytime I want. lol

My issue is that I take her so early for the run so I have to dedicate an entire turn to MC’ing the hunter, weakning the tank and then finishing him next turn while she runs behind cover behind her and I hog rush her, if I spent even the slightest bit of time upgrading my loud weapons I could probably do it for the run.

Not having maxed weapons would be a challenge in itself. Do you grab the Elysium rifle for your runs? Maybe you can work in some kind of optimal scrap farming route and buy the level 3 GJR.

I dismantle everything but the Stealth weapons, the end game shotgun which we leave at it’s base level, Farrow’s level 2 Boomstick and Magnus’s rifle.
GJR gives us enough scrap to reach 2 level 3 stealth weapons by the time we hit the final fight which is just as important with the way I do the fight.

Luckily the fight is down to an art at this point, and most the time acts as I expect it but sometimes (Like in the very hard run) we get a weird bloody seed and get stuck for a half an hour missing a Sub 1;10 time.


You have to use Puppeteer to be able to mange that encounter with only silent weapons I think. On my first run I used it on the Tank for an easy victory. I’ve been doing the math trying to figure out how to do it silently without Puppeteer and no damage. I can’t seem to get the damage I need. A personal challenge but I don’t know if its possible.

The specific Seed I find often off that allows me to get upto that point at a low level without fully maxed weapons never allows me to mind control the tank, however it is pretty reliable at MC’ing the hunter on the second turn after I get all my Chems out.

Don’t you throw your Flares out before the encounter starts? That’s what I always do. Is there a rule against reloading you save if Puppeteer fails?

There’s no rule but RNG is this game is pretty static, reloading doesn’t change the seed so during the VH speedrun you see me exit the zone and reload to change. I throw me flares out on the first round of the battle and hide with magnus so they don’t get seen because chems are silent then next turn I MC and do it as usual, I save before the fight for saftey/speed reasons and if you save and reload when chems are already out they have a habit of de-spawning.

Ah. I always save before the Flares get tossed. As for reloading, if you change the order of events it usually changes the timeline. lol

You can see in the video that I attempted to do that and nothing worked, I was just getting boend by RNG so I had to reenter which fixed everything

It’s pretty well documented that nothing really changes the random number seed when it comes to the order you do action in a combat. You just may not notice it sometimes because there are other effects, like % to ignite, % to knockback, critical, etc. that are all rolls.

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I’m probably remembering it wrong. I must have just swapped weapons or the place I took the shot from. The best strategy is the one that keeps the RNG out of it.

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