What can I do? List server on ps4 , server 3157


Well I am out of ideas, I have a pj in server 3157 pvp official, until last patch I could log in after a long time of try, now I cannot log in, and server list load screen is eternal, at the end no one server shows. I restart the game, I restart my ps4 , dmz ps4 , lan ps4 . So what can I do to be able to play this game? At the end , after a lot of time server list shows up, but server 3157 is all the way full, at 9 am or 9 pm. AFK kick out please…

Since last 2 updates my game won’t conect to any server, I select the server and nothing happen stay there listening music, no loading bar nothing!! What should I do? I uninstalled the game twice and nothing I only can join the server if some one invite me! That’s crazy! Please help!

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