What can one do in this situation?

On Official server 1974 PvP (PC) We have had a Chinese clan of about 6-10 people causing mayhem over the last month or so since my friends and I joined. They are currently under meshed in a location that cannot be raided even by gods. They constantly crash the server somehow which I have heard they use to exploit a bug with the attribute points so that they can max out and unlock all perks. At least one of them has some kind of cheat that allows them to locate you as well as all your chest. Not just us but everyone that has been raided has had the same issue where they go directly to your chests that are hidden. so not matter where we hide things, even not in the base but in the most random locations they can still find it. Many of players including myself have reported this through the official method on these forums. So far nothing has happened after a week or so.

Here’s a picture of the under mesh, if you zoom in you can see how far it goes down. Keep in mind this is after the undermesh patch which doesn’t seem to have worked 100% as they have added to it in the last few days.

Also they spam all the time like so…

Is there any wise thing to do in this situation? As we had only been playing about a month sadly we never managed to get off our feet and had all of our building supplies stolen which we had hidden. The crazy thing was, that night we were about to use it all and build a decently big base/ spam vaults down in the hope to waste their time. ( We didn’t know they could directly locate your loot boxes at this point). It’s driving everyone mad as they cannot be retaliated against.

You report them using the proper channel as described in the link below and you try to survive while waiting for Funcom to take actions. It may take a while but they will eventually get to it:

Already have a week ago. A long with 5-8 others from the server. Nothing has happened, server is basically un playable. It’s beyond a joke that the new anti under mesh doesn’t work in a location that is commonly used and in many videos such as this from Aug https://youtu.be/jQcEuGOHLKo?t=11

It can take 6+ weeks before they get to it depending on all the other reports and to top it off unless the case is serious such as death threats or sexual harassment then they will receive temporary banned general 1 or 2 weeks so you will have to deal with them again if they don’t clean up there act