What can we expect for upcoming paid content?

It has been mentioned that there will be released even more content in 2020. What can we expect?

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A lot of new bugs

And restoring some old features like walking underwater and duping bubbles


I honestly can’t wait to know more about that. 2019 was great on that front. But I’d guess that it will probably linked to at least some of the core features they hope to bring in 2020. For example, if they do bring some improvements to the AI, they could bring more RP DLCs. Or if they really bring sorcery, there is a lot of potential as we are clearly lacking content to build with a sorcerer or creepy places. Just with sorcery there could but two DLCs, one linked to some kond of “light mahic” and one linked to some kind of “dark magic” for example.


If you ask me… better AI
And mountable pets

Cause AI is very dum
And pets are nearly useless now


The better AI might really come this year, but for free. Id wager it would be the same for riding pets, as riding an elephant should make you a lot strong than riding a horse,ceven if slower.


I am really hoping for destroyable npc buildings so that we can make full use of siege battle without making any clan server wars.


I hope on a cimmerian dlc


Would be nice with more quests


I would love city walls you have to siege to get into as well as proper city boss fights. Right now raiding the capital cities is kind of anti climactic. Put bosses in there!


What AI?

Need new traps
Trip traps
Freeze traps
More stuff to kill someone u dont like, even on PVE C server.


Customizable armor, where if we craft it, we can assign the attributes and temps during the build process.

Customizable buildings, where we assign the temp resistances. Or, simply remove any temp effects from buildings, then add in hot and cold source placables that can heat and cool the buildings as needed.


That would be awesome!

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Advertised “Might of Cimmeria” DLC flipped to “Pets of Exiles lands” DLC :+1:

Or simply add the long requested vanity slots.

I want to see an April Fool’s DLC with one weapon, one armor piece, and one building piece. For full price. And that takes up a spot on a season pass.

(I don’t actually want that but I think it would be funny.)

New map with settlement and sorcery


Fat of the Land DLC… where you get fat if you eat too much and we can have large dancing thralls… and a hairdresser thrall. And darfari faux taxidermy for populating bases and wearing armor so we dont have to use thralls for that… those are just some dreams I have

I certainly cant speak for everyone, but in terms of mecanics/core features, I would like to see the long awaited Settlement System and an AI rework next. In terms of some more aesthetic features, I would like to see customisable Hair & Beard styles, and Armour Display Manequinns.


Couldn’t agree more @Croms_Faithful