What causes PVP to give someone what seems to be an unfair advantage?

First off, I want to make it clear that I am not trying to complain just because I lost at PVP tonight.

But I’ve been playing this game for a wihle now and never seen anything like this. I’m suspecting it’s lag but it could be something else.

I was in a PVP fight vs these guys that could hit me from very far away with their spears. I ran away a little, turned around and it looked like I was 20 feet away from the opposing player and he swings his spear and it hits me, nowhere near in range, not even close. Usually running away is guaranteed escape, but not against these guys. This is a new server I’m on, my last server I just left it because the population died and I’ve never experienced me getting so dominated in PVP.

I don’t think these guys just have extreme superior skill than me, not when it was clear their spear had about 10x the range of what it looked like it should have had. I think it’s the server or these guys doing something with connections. Even when you try to run away, you can’t on this server you get hit from very far away. On the other server, running away was guaranteed escape every time for everyone.

So what causes this? My internet is okay, it’s not super great or fiber or anything. But its hard wired to the modem and about 40 download and 7 upload and my ping is usually low. Maybe having bad internet or wifi gives you a clear advantage in this game? Or maybe this server is screwy, because I have notice that this server comes with different bugs than the other server so I assume each server has different bugs. Like for example whenever I log out in this server, I die no matter where I am, it wasn’t like that on the other server. On the other server I get a free mind wipe every time I log in and have to redo my stats, but not on the other server.

So what’s the deal with getting hit from 20 feet away when and getting that dominated in PVP unlike I ever had?

If you have a high ping and they don’t your actions will be delay. So they may have hit you twice that hadn’t registered yet till you ran away. I have this happen to me now and then in PvP. It’s really common in npc camps on my server. I’ll be fighting full Heath then out of nowhere I’m Dead.

I guess my 7 ping is pretty bad. I wish better options were allowed to be sold to me besides the 1 comcast option I have in the major metropolis I live in.

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7 ping is extremely good

With a 7 ping you shouldn’t be getting any lag or delay.

the spear is just op and pretty much the meta for this game…
it’s hit range seems like the spear itself x2 or x3 in front of him, while it’s a pretty linear and straightforward line, it’s still pretty far…

It’s not OP, it has its drawbacks. Many of them infact.

Funny you didn’t mention a single one…

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Here we go:

Spears have these drawbacks:
The first three heavy hits have no debuffs to open up salt in the wound perk
The spear gets outtraded by axes, 2h swords and warhammers easily.
The spear cannot do anything to a shield user that can block forever
The spear has no AoE so it sucks balls in PvE and in 1vX pvp scenarios
It has no ability to delay attacks and continue right after

Heres more depth to it:
Not having a debuff in the first 3 heavy attacks do not unlock salt in the wound perk to deal 25% damage

The last spear hit which causes bleed is in general pvp scenarios very rare to connect due players doing basic dodges or running slightly away, which makes axes and daggers so much better to put someone out of combat with bleed debuff.

Then we have other debuffs such as cripple and sunder where the 2hander offers.

The spear has range but is predictable, unlike the 1 hand sword which can gapclose unlike the spear, and also cause a knockdown fairly quickly.

The spear has to compensate these weaknesses with reaper poison or other teammates causing debuffs.

Edit: you probably dont understand what I am saying, but I’ll clarify on why I think spears are used by people, atleast by those ive spoken with.

It offers range.
It is fast.
It is precise.
It is easy to use.
It has decent sheet damage.
It requires no discipline to use, as in you wont damage your teammates much.
It does not require many animation cancels like the other weapons (except the 4th hit)

Want me to go on?


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