What Causes The "Must Be Placed On Walkable Floor" Message

Does anyone have any insight at all on what it means when you get the “Must Be Placed On Walkable Floor” message?

No idea what it actually means (surely if it’s a floor, it can be walked on, right?) - but I’ve noticed I most often get it if I try to place a thrall a little too close to something (often still with plenty of space, just that moving it a little further away and trying again tends to work). The distance I am from where I’m trying to place them also seems to play into it a bit - the further away I am, the larger the effect radius seems to be (though that could just be that it’s harder to place accurately from a greater distance when you’re on the same level). I don’t know if that helps at all?

Yeah. I’m a little worried that I may have discovered a location on the Siptah map (where I really really really wanted to build) where you can build but followers cannot be placed. I’ve seen this message before, but it usually only applies to a very small area (like individual building pieces appear to be bugged). This time it seemed to be a much larger area across locations where I had placed foundations and where I had not.

Ah, yeah, that doesn’t match anything I’ve experienced before either - as you say, generally no more than the area of one building piece. (Although, I do generally use LBPR, so it’s possible I get a smaller radius on this effect because of the way that allows closer placing.) But covering across multiple foundations does sound like an issue.

If it was an intended no build area, clearly you wouldn’t have got the foundations down. And if you were too close to something like a vault you should, logically, get the usual ‘Follower cannot be placed here’ message, so it shouldn’t be that either. Sounds to me like a bug - even if it is somehow an intended effect for the location, surely the message should be something that actually indicates why it’s happening, so at the very bare minimum it would seem you’re getting a ‘wrong’ message.

It’s a bug. I have it now with thrall or horse, whenever I wanna put them somewhere. Need to play with the positioning before I finally find a good location.
I have it on official for some weeks now.

Yeah It has more to do with available space than anything, if its too close to a wall or a placeable it won’t let you place the thrall there. Can also be a little iffy on hills or curves, the game is likely assuming there isn’t enough space to place the thrall there since they’re technically only making contact with a section of the floor rather than full contact.

Its a little funky to play around just try to keep them in open air and on flat surfaces whenever you can. General rule of thumb is that if there’s an item in that same foundation square, it wont work.

Hmmm. I hope I just need to put down more foundations to make a larger area. I’m gonna lose my s**t if this is some weird "building is okay here but thralls aren’t allowed " because someone did a poor job of building the Siptah map.

I believe this has something to do with another bug.

You all know about the one where you login, the building around you loads in, you walk forward and appear to be floating over the floor? What causes this is when you login, you get the visual, but not the physics. The server sees you trying to walk through a structure and pushes you up.

So whatever is causing you to not get the physics, I believe is also not updating the location of where you are trying to place. A very rare bug related to this (I’ve only seen it twice, personally for me once, years ago, and somewhat recently I watched a friend have it), is when you try to place something, its placed NOT in the location you selected. It could be a few feet away, or nearly a grid square away.

I think all of these bugs could be related. And the reason I say this, is they were heavily mitigated by the fact I switched to SSD from HDD. The faster the game can load, the less likely it will get the bug.

So the fix is to figure why things aren’t getting loaded in the proper order or at all.

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Pretend there is a 3 foot circle around your toon. That is where you load into the world. If you or a follower are too close to the wall, it thinks you are trying to put them into the wall.
I put all my thralls in corners. I get it all the time, if I try to get them as close to the wall as possible.

That would certainly make sense of the ‘main’ version of the bug (my bedroll once spawned me inside a wall because it was too close - had to use admin commands to get back out, lol). But, as helium3 explained to me above, they’re getting the bug over a much wider (multiple foundations) area, which sounds like a related but maybe slightly different issue.

Just remember not to name any of them ‘Baby’ - because ‘nobody puts Baby in the corner’.
(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself :wink: )

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