What causes the purge to spawn?

So I originally thought crafting and placing building pieces and Multiple bases turns out maybe killing thralls it what brings up purge ? Anyone know?

Lets say, you have it set to 100k (bar) and 10mins intervals.

So lets say over 9mins you killed a wolf, built some stuff, sat there, stared at some thrall boobies, killed another wold. At 10min mark, you earn “points” for a action. (which action, i do not know)
Lets say 10,
10mins later, you’ll earn point for another action to fill bar.

Rinse and repeat till purge triggers (and picks out a foundation floor/wall around map)

Give or take… Older thread, mention alot of stuff that builds up meter. Not sure how much of that has stayed.

You can set it to 0mins, and do abunch of stuff and fill it up almost instantly at 100k (max on consoles…-_-’)
It’ll finish and be at 1/3 and rebuild, and retrigger after 5min mark. And then fully empty bar.

Ok yeah but I am wanting to know what actions takin causes bar to raise up

Resharing courtesy of @Multigun:

Each person in a clan can trigger completion of these goals once every Timer Tick (15 mins on Officials). This means 5 people each placing a single T1 building piece would yield 1000 pts, whereas one person placing five T1 building pieces would yield only 200 pts.


Read the devs clarification on this matter, every action you take in game or out will lead to purge.

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