What classes would you like to see added to the game?

What if, somehow, there was a plan to add a new class for each archetype.
What classes would you like to be added to the game?

For me:
Soldier: Peltasta (1h spear/Javelin and shield)
Priest: Follower of Yag Kosha - Alienlike magic for healing
Rogue: Monk - The classic spy/assassin martial artist
Mage: Harbringer of Ibis - a more benevolent kind of magic (kind off)

This is not for asking anything from funcom, only to say what would you like to see in the given case


Soldier: Comm**ist Liberator; hammer and sickle
Priest: Follower of Mao; hammer and sickle
Rogue: Overthrower of C*pitalist Pigs; hammer and sickle
Mage: Atheism Warrior; hammer and sickle

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On a less serious note, below are the former classes that Funcom has already removed or merged with others.

Encased in the heaviest armor, the Halberdier specializes in pole arms, trusting in evasion to avoid enemy attacks, rather than a shield to block them. Although limited in the amount of damage they can inflict, the Halberdier does focus on inflicting multiple hits in rapid succession in an area of effect.
Specialties: Tank, heavy armor (including full plate), pole arm, multihit Area of Effect.

While the standards the Conqueror uses typically increase damage, the standards of the Liberator renew and augment the team in other ways. Wearing heavy armor and dual wielding, the Liberator relies upon evasion to avoid enemy attacks. In times of need, the Liberator is able to take the standard and throw it in a devastating attack.
Specialties: Tank, heavy armor (not full plate), one handed edged, one handed blunt, dual wield, banner for one group buff.

Wearing heavy armor and carrying a shield and blunt weapon, the Zealot has a small amount of priestly ability. Able to augment the team with a single aura, the Zealot is the only class not in the priest class that has healing spells.
Specialties: Tank, heavy armor (not full plate), one handed blunt, aura for one group buff, team heal.

The Reaver is a rabid combatant, harnessing the anger and heat of battle to unleash a devastating flurry of blows. Trained in the art of using multiple weapons simultaneously, Reavers are less concentrated on powerful single attacks as they are on hitting their opponents many times in quick succession. Mostly unconcerned about their own personal safety, they wear light armor for the sake of mobility and speed.
Specialties: One-handed blunt, one-handed edged, dual-wielding, armor debuff, berserking, multi-hit combos and light armor.

Lurking in the shadows and trained alongside those studying the dark arts of necromancy, the Defiler utilizes more unnatural means to dispatch those he intends to assassinate. Whilst not as deeply enshrouded in magic as the Stygian Mages, Defilers are able to consume some of the essence from the spirits of the fallen. Sacrificing this power in strange and dark rituals, the Defiler can be granted unnatural powers temporarily. Defilers do not use conventional poisons, instead relying on the dark energies flowing through their strikes.
Specialties: Dagger, dual-wielding, unholy attacks, draining soul essences to use with special attacks, damage-over-time combos and cloth armor.

Lotus Master
Typically found with both daggers dripping with lethal poisons, the Lotus Master focuses on fast attacks in order to inflict a quick and painful death. Trained with teachings shrouded in mystery, this assassin utilizes various forms of lotus extract in order to cause harm to his enemies or aid himself and his allies. Although a crafty and resourceful fighter, the Lotus Master prefers to let his poisons disorient and ultimately incapacitate anyone unfortunate enough to be his prey.
** Specialties: Dagger, dual-wielding, damaging, disorienting, and slowing poisons, restorative elixirs, multi-hit combos and cloth armor.**

Master Thief
The Master Thief is the epitome of a dirty fighter, throwing kicks, elbows, and other cheap shots to disorient his foes. With the goal of gaining every advantage they possibly can in a fight, they are known to use many tactics deemed “unfair” by some. Not a poison user, the Master Thieves rely upon precise, powerful attacks to inflict damage as well as land blows that reduce the fighting abilities of their victims.
Specialties: One-handed edged, one-handed blunt, off-hand dagger, damage debuff, snare, blind, damage-over-time and light-armor.

The Waylayer is a crossbow-oriented marksman, taking advantage of the higher damage and slower firing rate of his weapon when compared to Rangers. Like the Ranger, Waylayers prefer to stay out of melee combat to maintain a high level of survivability while dispatching enemies from afar. The power of their mighty crossbows has been known to rip right through opponents, plunging their bolts into opponents standing or hiding behind them. Specialties: Crossbow, piercing attacks, knockdown attacks, damage-over-time and medium armor.

Scourge of Derketo
Another excellent healer, the Scourge is dedicated to the god Derketo, calling on the gods power to bring the woes of fire and brimstone to their enemy. These attacks focus on area-of-effect damage spells
***Race: Only Aquillonian and Stygian priests may follow Derketo. ***
Specialties: Healer, two-handed blunt weapons, area of effect damage

Scion of Set
Dedicated to the god Set, in addition to their excellent healing power the Scion of Set has been blessed by the snake god with the ability to inflict damaging poisons upon their enemies. With the ability to take a lethal snake form the Scion is not a foe to be underestimated. When they are faced with the enemy they prefer to wield their sacrificial and ceremonial daggers
Race: Only Stygian priests may worship Set.
** Specialties: Healer, dagger, poison.**

Rather then following one particular deity the Druid is at one with the power of nature. The Druid can call upon swarms of bees and hornets to kill enemies, and has natural healing remedies and abilities to keep their allies standing in battle.
Race: Any race may become a druid.
Specialties: Healer, damage over time abilities.

Masterfully in touch with the elements themselves, this shaman can control and call upon the power of weather to hinder and attack their foes, calling down lightning and creating storms. Like their fellow shaman their knowledge of restorative remedies and abilities is not to be underestimated.
Race: Only Cimmerian priests may become Stormcallers.
Specialties: Healer, electrical damage, summon storms and hurricanes.

Where the Necromancer animates the dead, the Lich embraces and joins the dead, if only for a period of time. By fusing with the bones of the dead, the Lich gains impressive physical strength and resilience. In this form the Lich prefers to wade into battle and club enemies to death, although retains access to their full array of spells.
Specialties: Melee mage, two handed blunt weapons, summon weapons, undead form

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I like the Monk suggestion- martial artist no weapons, like the Warmonks in NG. Or fans of Stephen R Donaldson might know…the Bloodguards.

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