What could save Conan and bring back player base

We all know that Xbox has had it tougth, I had a decent crew but they got bored of the game due to issues.
I would love to recruit more people but I would be afraid of being insided as I’ve built my base for months .

what Conan needs is rank /role order so that I can recruit people and restrict them from demolishimg anything and be able to put admin locks on certain chests /vaults.
if this was in place it would allow people to bring more people into Conan making the game alot more playable

Conan exiles needs only a working purge and finished biomes… it´s bornig as hell … at the moment you run around, catching slaves, build bases…the only variety is the sandstorm…on our server we have no weather, no purge so…yes it´s boring…

it would be fun if you can explore the jungle and find ghosts, lorestuff, npc´s but… both, the jungle and the volcano are unfinished…

A ranking system…hm maybe…

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You could do this in such order
role’ s
Recruit - designed to farm items and access chests
Member - able to access chests and build
officer - able to demolish, construct and access admin chests /rooms and recruit
leader - able to do everything

pvp servers are better

our server is an pure pvp so that has nothing to do with my first answer sry :wink: i don´t think a ranking system will bring back players in an unfinished game…

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The whole clan system is off putting, no one wants to give all their thralls and buildings to a clan leader. I’d reduce clan size to 2 just for couples who play and give everyone a 10 man friend list. Friends could build right next to each other and thralls wont attack eachother while they are friends. Giant structures would get replaced with villages and towns. Removing someone or being removed from a friend list would cause thralls to attack each other and cause healthy pvp instead of clan leader getting everything.


pure pvp? lol
pvp is pvp if you don’t get purges then your server broke and if your not busy dropping bodies then that’s a pvp server gone pve :joy:
this post is about ranking so let’s keep it to that hopefully Conan might take the advice

The post was about saving conan and bringing back the player base. If someones ever been kicked from a clan they aint comming back till clans are fixed.

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it’s not about kicking ppl from clan. my clan has 6 people but they are not on these days it’s about being able to recruit in safety of not getting a ■■■■■ deleting your hard work.

I disagree sounds like your just salty and got kicked from a clan get your own clan

Issue is not everyone can get their own clan because than no clans really exist.

The idea of friends list actually sounds like a good idea.

The idea of a rank system sounds just crap.
I highly doubtful it would be used properly and it most definitely will not be a saving aspect for players.

Cephas is right just needs more polished areas than currently

Never joined a clan, dont fancy handing over all my possession, the clan leader will prolly be someone like you… “recruit, designed for farming” lol

what they need is a better rented server service gportal sucks.

Every door and container should have 3 access options…

  1. open for all
  2. open for clan
  3. open for me

quite easy.


You all see things completely wrong. time to educate .
having a level system that gives structure allows for dead clans to recruit and make new friend’s safely that’s the key aspect of that.
the additional on to that is it allows those that want to play with groups of people online but have no friends on Conan a chance to enter someone’s clan and build there own legacy.
the only way it would ever go wrong is if you joined a bunch of jerks team that at just used u. which if that was the case and you stayed in the clan then you deserve that for being a dam mug and not ditching them.
the key issue here is inviting new people into a base that’s had say 400 game hours into it. your not going to give some random total access and control over your 400 hour built base and your well looted legendary armoury. so brining in a structure that protects this key aspect while allowing players to make new clan members is critical goal in online survival playing. yes there is plenty of other issues but out of the 70-80 people I’ve spoke to this about including a employee of funcom it’s all mearly enough agreed that this would be a good development move and bring new people together.
if you are the “my stuff is my own guy” then play solo and don’t comment on the thread

You all see things wrong…brilliant!
Dude, youre seeing things from youre pov as a clan leader, its not lack of structure why clans are empty. What if someone joins a clan then a week later decides he wants to go elsewhere… loses all thrall, buildings and mats.

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ia gree with this, clan members who build their own bases should be allowed to keep it, like the leader should be able to walk up to the entire structure and command it to their member after they have left.

this is the issue , this is why it needs to happen to build new friend’s. why should you join a clan to cowboy ride to next. you join a clan to build and get higher in that clan rank. would you like a pack lunch too and a goody bag. I don’t get you guys with that view if your so opinionated then go create a clan that way you don’t moan on other clans you sound like a horrible clan mate

Actually you deeming you know what is best for a game and when others share their opinion you talk down to those players because only you know best. Seems like really you are the issue in this thread. Also that’s a real good attitude to have for people to not want you in a clan. Your suggestion to make a rank system is clearly not liked so think up something new

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So with your idea i join as a recruit (hand over all my stuff) and i need to farm and be a goodboy in order to prove to my dear leader im worthy to become a member, then my ability to build is restored?