What cultural armors would you like to see?

Hey guys,

I was wondering what kind of cultural armor you guys would like to see in future DLC’s.
My personal top 3 would be:

  1. Kushite
    Among the Black Kingdoms are not just the barbaric Darfar, but also semi-civilized kingdom of Kush which has great cities like Meroe, which was founded near a lush savannah. Some leopard themes would be great, colorful and more sophisticated than the Darfar armor set.

  2. Nemedian
    Nemedia is often compared to Germany in late antiquity or the early medieval period. I like to think of the Nemedians as a bit like the Saxons during the Migration Period: mailed warriors with spears and round shields.

  3. Vendhyan
    Vendhyan would be equivalent of ancient India during the Hyborian age. I would imagine an armor with lots of silk, turbans and sashes, like this picture of Maharana Pratap.

What cultural armor would you like to see?


1 and 3 on your list. And Stygian, cause I can never get enough of Stygian stuff.


I also love Stygian stuff except for the ugly huge noses on their females… They usually have big racks though, so not a total loss :grin:

Here’s what Kushite Armor looks like ingame:

I’m afraid I don’t use mods. Makes the game crash every time. But yeah, something like that would be awesome!

Acheron, more Lemurian and Khari (build pieces) and Stygian (most likely Dark Tower due to the real life source)

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All three of the ones you have displayed look appealing to me Fargast. I would also like to see a set of Cimmerian light armor added. I would also kill (quite literally within the game itself…) for some Crom themed armor pieces.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


There is one I’d like to see, but the problem is its from the wrong continent. It’s native in origin though.

I don´t care much, which cultural armor comes next, as long as it is quality meshes and texture I may find use for it. My warriors are from different cultures, also climates are different, so I need variety.
But I love armor pieces that can be mixed with other sets, because they look somewhat cultural neutral, like something everybody would wear, that looks useful or badass or nice. Something with pockets, or pouches, fixed with selfmade leatherbands, like improvised. Many sets are like uniform, which is nice, but I can´t have enough casual adventurer stuff.

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I’d like to actually just see more regular clothes that perhaps give bigger stat bonuses at the expense of protection and less new armor. Particularly, survival clothes that help with farming to avoid respeccing all the time. Wearing asura’s with a witch dr mask just doesn’t look very harvesty to me. Or how bout a set of craftsman’s cloths that actually increase crafting speed from your inventory? I don’t know if that last one is even possible with the way the game is setup but it’d be cool none-the-less. Take it a step further and you could have rock breaker clothes, wood cutter clothes, a hunting outfit and so on.

I’m for more savage stuff, we have plethora of shiny things already

but what I’d like to see even more is armor insulation rework so it works like actual insulation not cooling/heating buff it is now

I think the problem with Black Kingdoms in Conan lore, is the maker did not have a clear understanding of the different ethic groups and civilizations in Africa. I like the idea of Kushite armor, but it should be representative of the actual people and culture of that particular area. Meroe is in present day Sudan, so the armor of the Kushites should matches up to historical armor actual used by the Kushites. In order to get a best bang for you buck DLC, rather than having is based on a specific ethic group from the black kingdoms it should be label a general black kingdoms dlc, which will allow a better representation and more variety of the items offer. For example:

Light Armour = Based on the Zulu (Zulu are the best know ethic group after the Egyptians from Africa.) Also, having the Iklwa spear in the game will be great and you would a culture of Southern African represented in the game. The picture that Fargast post in more in line with the Zulu than the Kushite.

Medium Armour - I think the armor of the Kushite would fit nicely here. (representative of North Africa)


Heavy Armour - Armor of the Benin Warriors - Represent Western Africa

See at 8:02 of the video to get clear look at their armor

There are enough unique weapons available to fill out type of weapons in a standard in dlc, except for having a two hand sword. However, you can just replace it will having a one hand sword that is similar to two handed sword. Me personally I would love to the Ethiopian sickle sword and shield along with the Takouba from the Tuareg.

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Robert E. Howard (the creator of Conan) died in June 1936, may want to factor that into consideration before tearing Black Kingdoms lore to pieces, whilst remembering that the inspiration for each race was a mix of multiple sources. Picts in Conan are a mix of Algonquin Indian and real life Picts for example.

I’d like to see some Kushite, Vendhyan, and more Stygian stuff, both armors and casual outfits.

Also some casual Khitan stuff. Yeah I’m shoehorning that in here, what, you thought just because I don’t post much lately I was done being a Khitai shill? Well you thought wrong!

I would love to see the House of Crom Atlantean sets from Age of Conan.
Also, Acheronian, Cimmerian and Vendhyan armor sets would be nice to see :^)

This is not a correct line of observation. The Hyborian Age (in which the game and all the lore it derives from) takes place is 15,000BC. In REH’s world, the African civilizations did not exist yet. In fact peoples such as the Cimmerians lived in Northern Africa. Europe, was simply under a glacier.

While many of these cultures are derived from historical ones. The civilizations of the Hyborian Age became those cultures as the ages went on. And I would say for the 1930s, REH had a great understanding for his time of various cultures.

In 15,000BC, the Cimmerians, the Aquilonians, Stygians, Zamorans, Zingarans, Argossans, Shemites, Kushites, Darfari, Nemedians, etc are all ‘Africans’. Though the continent is known as Thuria or Hyboria depending on the era.

I don’t see how it would be tearing the black kingdoms lore into pieces, as Conan Exiles is based on Robert E. Howard’s work but at the same time not restricted to just Howard’s work. Given all the different types of weapons and items available in this game where not all mention in Howard’s lore, I don’t see why you would have a particular issue with my idea of more unique optional dlc related to the black kingdoms that takes ques from armors and items that was used by African cultures that we are more aware of today.

Well here it is folks. The finest cultural armor ever forged by man!


You say Howard had great knowledge of African cultures and civilizations for his time period, but what is the basis for that assessment. My assessment is based on the information that Howard would have had available during his life time and what we know now to be more accurate. Specifically, my assessment is relation to cultures outside of Egypt. No matter how well a writer has researched a subject/topic, if their resources are filled with inaccuracies, then their product will unfortunately reflect that (nothing against Howard himself). During the time period of Howard’s life there was many misconceptions, generalization, and outright lies that was told about the Africans cultures. I specially left out civilization in the previous sentence because the narrative during that time period was that Africans needed to be civilized (which infers that Africans did not have civilization).

What Robert Howard did was create lore based on mixing various aspects and what he wanted the Hyborian Age to be. Now to bring this full circle, the question that arise out all this regardless of one’s perspective is should lore be specifically followed regardless of additional information or should lore be flexible enough to allow for updating of culture aspects on the premise that the author might have chosen a different depiction based on today’s information. What we have seen thus far is Funcom as walk the tight rope in regarding this, trying to stay true to lore but also incorporating other elements from other projects that was based on Howard’s original Conan work and inserting new ideas in order to make the game more interesting.

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