What custom UI to use?

Okey I can´t seam to find a post that is not older than 2018. But I want to ask what Custom UI would you guys say works the best today ?

I use default UI myself. But I think StrangeUI is the most popular these days and the one I would use if i went down the customized path again.

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Thanks. I would enjoy vanilla UI but the quick bars feels kind of limited. And what I seen other use well customs seams better to me at least.

I concur with Xerzex, I use standard but if I went custom Strange UI would be it.

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Strange ui. Very customizable.

if you like something like this let me know. it’s my compilation of some other UIs fixing major default ui issues while preserving the game’s aesthetics.



I use the default UI but i would definitely like to try that one.

There was “vanilla ui extended” many years ago. I don’t like Strange ui visage, but where download another ui?

2 Kazour - thats looks good :+1:
But it’s possible to remove “Made by Foxcat”?? :grin:

So here is the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nzDVV1DO2S044Uwnem9M0xAC7jbczm50/view?usp=sharing

-copy AoC and Customized folders in …\Age of Conan\Data\Gui folder
(mind to delete old Customized/AoC folders if you had previously another custom ui)

  • after copy is finished open the …\Age of Conan\Data\Gui\AoC folder and run AoC.exe as Administrator
    (this will enable the map pins as well as the Flash castbars. Flash castbars can be customized in game by holding Shift+Alt+Ctrl)

If you choose to activate AoC.exe for the extra functionality, run the game straight from AgeOfConan.exe or AgeOfConanDX10.exe . Don’ use the patcher.

AoC.exe will auto patch the ui so you don’t need to use other programs for that everytime the game gets updated. Also is going to delete all the .bxml files after you close the game.

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The bottom row hotkey assignments are from left to right
1st Extended Action Button 14 - 20
2st Extended Action Button 14 - 20

The top bar is just as default.

  • Target Character Portrait shows buffs
  • Floating Target Character Portrait shows
  • Magic damage number are purple, melee combos orange, white damage white.
  • Inventory size per page is 8x11.
  • World map has been choped to minimal so you can resize it and have it always on.
  • Raid group window has been changed to be more clear and obvious.
  • Default castbar has been changed to be bigger and more readable.

If you use the Flash Castbars, place the default castbars under them.

There is the Default UI Enhanced:

You would still have to make the latest modifications for Skulls, Vanity, OnSlaught, etc but there are thread on how to fix those as well.