What devices Pro pvpers use to pvp?

Just for curiosity what kind of device these guys use for doing those movements, especially assassins moving here and there like crazy?

microsoft usb exo skeleton


I just imagined some dude “combo jumping” through his room with a stick and this suit to do PvP in AoC xD


For me the turning point was increasing my mouse’s DPI, since there’s no sensitivity option in the game. I was using one too low to be able to turn a lot and this was the biggest difference, other than getting a Razer Naga (Logitech G600 works too). Now I use lower DPI because of FPS games and I transfered that to AoC, but you can definitely try what I said and see if it works for you.

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Great piece of advice, thank you.

I use a nostromo gamepad and a naga mouse. Works for me. U need to keybind all ur stuff and practice moving. We all started out @ zero and i bet ull get there with practice. Good luck m8👌🏻