What do event AoC birthday?

:smile::smile::smile::smile::grin::slight_smile: i want … new something


Onslaught mode is this year new thingy I suppose :slight_smile:

Hoping for a sale in the in-game store, I am holding off buying until then :blush:

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Bring back the daily log-in rewards from last year, and please add shards to dungeons and raids. I’d also like to see a vanity version of the Dark Legion set :smiley:


Speaking of shards, Could funcom also implement those as minigame rewards as well? RF rings are used in pvp after all.

They should have made more -pvp stats on the rings. They are too op in pvp in my opinion. But i see your point, pvegear shouldn’t be better than pvpgear for pvp and if they wanna keep it that way they might aswell give the pvpers a chance of getting the rings.

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Seems like onslaught is arriving today on live servers. Since its an update today not a maintenance restart of servers which implies content, and AndyB made a mysterious comment on the content on Twitter…

Indeed and a trailer is up on youtube, and is posted now. I say it’s Onslaught mode are getting.

What about low level content? What about better premium options, pets in store, etc?