What do I badly need (very badly)

I think they are hard to obtain if you don’t cheat, and match name with location. The good ones are the unique workers. One I know of is pretty difficult to get due to aggro’ing others nearby. I must have it… :laughing:

AI companion would be super, but I would settle for half a decent fighter. It’s not because I need them, mind you, but because I love seeing a good AI perform for or against me.
And since I don’t need meatshields at all, what do I get? A burden. When I fight, the last thing I need is to worry about dead weight. So I end up soloing everything, which is fine. This game is very easy. But I love knowing I can be doing my own stuff while a thrall has the defense covered. That used to work, you know? Thralls were quite competent. Against a player, they never stood a chance, but for pve they were more than enough. It was cool seeing them fend for themselves and come up on top. I just think the thrall cap is insanely high. Purges should be much harder and I would love seeing great thralls beating the odds, even with a few losses. But we have none of that…
Anyway, to be honest, I just want the game to run smoothly on the PS5 at this point and that the purge attacks regular bases! :smile:

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They are extremely easy to obtain if you know how, @Dzonatas . I filled bases upon bases till the thrall cap with the best t4 fighters.
Even workers, unless you want a very specific one. But getting the best for all the spots takes only a few evenings.
Now, if you ONLY want Lianeele and not just any t4 dancer, then things are different. :smile:

@VYMka play in easier servers, it’s a respectful option. There are plenty out there, especially pve that the cost is minimized and people can enjoy their gaming with less possible grinding, have fun :metal:.

Indeed. Yet official performance is the thing that makes easy hard :rofl:. Trust me, a barbaric mode official, even if barbaric mode still remains easy, would make the game extremely hard, that’s why i am begging for barbaric mode officials.

I can guarantee you that the plurality of role play servers are pvp :man_shrugging:. Then again, press pvp on your server filter and internet. You’ll find countless pvp servers across all the regions.
So… A lot is the answer!

We have plenty, the market is “open” again and almost all the tier 4 thralls can stand quite decent in situations, except exiles of course. But Barnes is really good, better than all the exiles i can say. I didn’t test Sully yet but i am about to. He is still in the box with Tugra :laughing:. Purge suffers a lot problems brother, that’s for sure, but it’s like @erjoh said

You really feel the heart beat now in pve.

About expendables @MarcosC, we have ugly ones to sacrifice :laughing:, the beauty can stay home and safe :wink:.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Pets are really good Marcos, you’ll love the giant snake, it’s so agile and precise, amazing pet. Of course the AI still remains… well you know, but the whole change will give you a freshness, if you return you’ll understand.
Whenever you wish brother, you know, my house is yours!


I’m waiting for funcom to tweak the purge so I won’t have to build “purge friendly bases”, @stelagel . The moment they fix it, I’ll return. :smile:


Yep that is incredibly irritating. I can launch purges but they aren’t completing. It’s gotten where I don’t want to play that part of the game because it seems to cheat.


BTW why is there so many NPCs which I cannot knock out?
My first idea was to get Witch Queen companion. Fail.
Second idea was to get that cool knight at Hanuman’s Grotto. Fail.
Third try was Arena Champion, lol. Fail.
Forth try was common fighter Prowler at the city. Fail.

This experience made me very sad :frowning:
I’m not asking for imba fighter companion, but at least for some unique looking with cool skin model.

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Single player mode. Problem solved.


And if you open these up, they will not be unique and therefore your solution would ruin the premise of why you wanted them to begin with. How about just opening the orb of nergal up to thralls so that you can get your unique thrall ?

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I. WANT. WITCH. QUEEN companion :smiley:

There’s the honesty.

:rofl:. It’s a thrall that gets over 110.000 hp . One of this thrall can defeat a full wave of lvlX purge. The game would be SUPER boring.

I have the Witch Queen as a follower. She hits like a wet noodle, sure she has well over 100k hp, take that away, she’s rubbish. I only keep her for the novelty. I don’t take her adventuring, she just sits in my throne room looking pretty like a glorified decoration. Her model is NOT unique either. Razma (also obtainable via admin) is visually identical, obviously, with non boss level hit points. Side note, she’s also crap for adventuring

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@sestus2009 given me 2 of them on Wyrms bane Siptah some time ago. They were clearly invincible , Surges with them was careless. She had just a coup de grace and she was clearly tanking the whole surge. In each surge she was loosing abouy 20k hp, but still nothing to worry about. In a couple of weeks i made over 30 tier 4 surges and i had chests filled with tier4 crafters and named thralls. So technically it’s game over. No matter how hard they hit , having this hp they simply cannot die. A witch queen tanking and an Arena champion hitting, there’s absolutely nothing in this game to make you feel loss. Without the fear of loss the game can become easily pointless, boring.
Nah, no matter how cool it seems in the beginning, soon you realize that it’s not!

Personally, I enjoy taking fragile thralls adventuring and leave my heavy hitters at home. If they survive, they can join my heavy hitters at home.

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  • Tarman is a ■■■■■■ thrall
  • The devs have actually talked about this in last devstream. The feature is tentatively called “down but not out”. The ability for a timed rescue of your thrall if it goes down. But chances are this would arrive near the end of the next age if at all.

Are you saying you want the current recall corpse, but easier? Or are you not aware that this feature already exists? Honestly, I agree with others in the thread. This game should go back to being harder instead of easier.

“insane amount?”. Not sure I agree. Apart from crystal golems that are drop-only, I fail to see the point. Just use regular thralls. The golems make decent guardians since they start at high hp and guardians are likely to die anyway so healing doesnt matter.

I would settle the devs un-nerfing the epic looking top tier spells like lightning storm and call of the dead into something actually useful and not just cosmetic.

Excuse me? What’s wrong with call of the dead? I killed almost every boss and dragon with it just watching swarm of zombies eating them and lazily shooting at boss with my bow :smiley:

I can’t understand why that isn’t a possibility. I’ve been asking for it for so long! Is it hard to do?

Same. I love leveling dancers because of that. But I do enjoy having a few heavy hitters at base. :blush:

I agree. The game is very easy. But if it’s made harder with the current state of thralls, they’ll become useless.