What do mountain elephants eat? + real question about star metal


been running around the north for a few hours (unsuccessfully) looking for star metal to take advantage of that 2x loot… just wondering what mountain elephants eat up here to sustain themselves?

the real question:
Are the smoke trails that are meant to be given off by falling star metal deposits visible on the limited PS4 pro graphics settings? - Can you see the star metal fall while playing on ps4 official servers? never seen one falling but have found them walking around.

just wondering if maybe I was looking in the opposite direction every time they fall or if they smoke trail effect is disabled for the ps4 due to lower graphical settings? or is it like the invisible sandstorms that drain your vitality without the graphical effect?

Mountain elephants, do you mean the mammoths?

Food at various stages of digestion has been found in the intestines of several woolly mammoths, giving a good picture of their diet. Woolly mammoths sustained themselves on plant food, mainly grasses and sedges, which were supplemented with herbaceous plants, flowering plants, shrubs, mosses, and tree matter. The composition and exact varieties differed from location to location.

I answered that question because I play on PC so I don’t know anything about PS4 graphics quality.

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6 tons of food huh? lol
Naw man, not mammoths. those live on the frozen glaciers! these are mountain elephants! they live perched on small ledges high up in the mountains. they are friends with mountain goats. !mte

thanks bud ^.^

wellp now we know why there’s frost giants in the area. somebody’s gotta feed the mountain elephants. looks like a real chill job.

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questiom marks

I haven’t seen any elephants outside the savanna area since before they nailed down all the spawn ranges pre-launch.


See I figured you were probably yanking my chain, but just going “lol nuh-uh liar” has a tendency to backfire on me.

Oh well, I’m used to looking stupid.


hey it’s not a joke on the internet unless you can barely tell if it’s a joke ^.^

#time well spent

as long as we all have a good laugh lol

Because the mountain elephants live in extreme conditions, I would have to say they have alot of iron in their diet. :slight_smile:

Before the May 5 patch, you could follow the star metal entry trails, however, since then, I haven’t seen any meteor showers at all. I have camped out on the ridge overlooking the valley by the Ice Giant obelisk for probably 30 real time hours and not a single shower.

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Do you ever go up north to get star metal and find absolutely nothing? Thats because the mountain elephants are eating them… if you look closely you can see that their tongue is blue.


I’ve only witnessed one meteor shower this year, that was about 4 weeks ago. At the time I was practically under it so I’m not sure if it would have been visible from a distance but it was definitely visible and audible where I was, one landed a few meters in front of me. Every other time I’ve either found them already on the ground or gone back empty handed.

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Ahh good info guys, appreciate the feedback. Im going to assume that ive simply missed them every time. Hum do they distroy buildings when they fall?

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Indeed they do and pray to Yog you are not the one been hit by them…:joy::joy::joy:

I’ve seen several “my building pieces disappeared” threads filed in the bug report forum that the OP checked a solution for it being damage from star metal falling. Point of note, you can also hear them when they’re falling. Spend some time up there on the mountain ridge. It’s pretty cool to watch.

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And they have a big blast radius, not just direct hitters.
They can kill the mountain elepants too!

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I find them by smoke all the time. Some smoke more than others. Always chocked this up to how long since they impacted.


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