What do PVE players (most) think about very low slave limits

I thought it was important to give a fuller and more complete explanation on this subject, basically the subject that defines and practically defines the game, the slave system, in this specific game!

I obviously do not agree with some things, such as limiting “escalation of earnings” to a particular “class / race” would “limit” me to focusing on just one type of race, depending on my specific taste, and that is quite bad and drab.

But of all, and I still don’t know how much really this system will be “satisfying” to the game, as for example is EXTREMELY satisfying in ARK I level my Dragon Weyver, for example, and I really do all the programming, and I choose all the attributes I want may he win, I do not know if in CONAN doing this will be so nice and worth my time, I hope YES!

Of course all PVE players are apprehensive / annoyed to be treated by the same rules as PVP, ABSURDLY DIFFERENT gameplay, different goals and time in the game, PVP people trained slaves to die quickly, PVE people trained slaves to be. your “companions” in the long run, to feel “in” with the game, especially to decorate your bases and use purchased and learned armor (hundreds of armor) 24 only in DLC, and we still enjoy combining them to create new styles. … let’s everyone know that!

I’m glad the game is creating new things, and I hope they really surprise us, and that they are really satisfying, but I’m not happy, I play at PVE living with the anguish that I can do very little in the long run, and we At PVE we do pretty much everything about collecting and displaying for ourselves and others.

I don’t know how PVP people’s minds work, because I NEVER played there, in no game, I even accept with the “limitation” of slaves, observation accepted and I don’t agree, BUT what I don’t agree with is especially in PVE a number so low and unrealistic, especially if the numbers of human slaves and animal slaves were not “different,” which would obviously make me have 0 animals to prioritize humans.

Well that’s it, I follow extremely “divided” in is happy with news, and extremely “worried” how it can “hurt” me in the long run, I don’t say in days or weeks, I speak months and years, I have practically 3,000 hours played , and intended to go much further, to buy armor for my horses … if they are implemented, but at the same time I get excited how much distressing it will be to run my horse quickly across the map without looking for new slaves. … because I already have the maximum number, this will be a hellish problem for us at PVE that must consciously and unknowingly demotivate virtually all of us, even those who don’t reach the maximum numbers, will always be a close ghost in our minds.

And as a result, it becomes unmotivated in the long run, and less and less only to the base does not decay, until losing its bases and stop playing forever and never return to the game with the feeling of loss, which at this point should not But gaining so many new players is natural after a while in every game, and so Conan’s PVE dies, that’s not what we want, and it’s pretty much a certainty of the future by considering everything I’ve said.

After 3k hours almost purely on pve, and owner of a clan of 4(could say 10 but 4 active so far), i find it refreshing… My mind already works overtimes to find ways of securing my builds with minimum thrall needs(u know combining building materials, adding traps and how they will work, multileveling my base etc). I think itbis great change… will also kinda help with lag,as in pve u find bases with some hundreds of thralls/pets blocking paths ,or needing several minutes to load… Next thing id love to see is a building placement restriction system (and a good start should be reducing the foundations needed to have as space in order to place shrines), and game will be a bit better in my opinion…

i ALWAYS find the building size limit on my ol ps4. bewbies bouncing off each other i cant help myself. i know its a drag for all my neighbors who gotta slow down and listen to my harem but i put EVERY placeable EVERYWHERE eventually shes jist like…“i cant even” and kicks me out.

b4 dancers, weapon museum and lights my 12x15 (base) 45 (tall) castle wasnt a strobe light lagfest. but now theres no running in the house.

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